21+ DIY Deck Railing Ideas for Your Home

Deck Railing Ideas

If you're looking for a railing for your deck or porch, you might feel as if you need to resort to hiring a contractor to build one. But many of our customers have done just the opposite, building a sturdy railing all by themselves. Our stair railing kits and other railing solutions make it possible for just about anyone to install their own railing using just a few basic tools.

Our customers are often grateful for our railing solutions to install. They also appreciate the versatility and durability of the components. To show you can build your deck railing, here are 19 customers examples to help inspire your build:

  1. Back Deck Railing

  2. Back Deck Railing

    Dave added this deck to his cottage a few years ago. However, after a few years, Dave figured he should install a railing to make the steps safer and easier to use. Dave's railing is a custom solution that utilizes the Wall Flange fitting to attach the railing to the side of the stairs.

    To attach the handrail to the railing upright the Swivel Tee in combination with the Single Socket Tee are used to create the angle.

    Back Deck Railing

    Back Deck Railing

    Back Deck Railing

  3. Railing for Back Deck

  4. Railing for Back Deck

    The above railing was installed by John to comply with his home insurance. His insurance company wanted him to install a railing on his back deck to ensure it was safe and up to code. Rather than hiring a contractor, John was able to install this railing himself using our easy install Classic Limited Simple Rail kit.

    We recently purchased two of your Surface 29 - Surface Mount Railing Kits. Our insurance company wanted one railing for our steps from our lakeside deck. We decided two rails would be twice as good. All parts arrived on time and the 7' Grab Rails were the perfect length. Installation was quick and easy. We needed twelve 2" x 1/2" lag screws to mount the uprights to 2" x 6" sections of our steps. We aligned the two rails to match, and our project was complete. The rails look great we are extremely pleased!

    Railing for Back Deck - Side View

  5. Back Steps Deck Railing

  6. Back Steps Deck Railing

    Ken installed this railing for his neighbor's back deck steps. His neighbor recently took an unfortunate fall, and Ken wanted to make it easier for him to get up the steps. Ken appreciated the ease of installation and reasonable cost of the railing.

    This railing is also another custom solution that utilizes a few of our ADA fittings to make the railing smooth and easier to grab.

    Back Steps Deck Railing

  7. Balcony Deck Railing

  8. Balcony Deck Railing

    When Bruce and Claudette built this deck for their 3-Story house in Western Montana, they originally used 4x4s and 2x4s for the posts and railing. However, the wood quickly deteriorated and became an unsightly piece. In addition, the railing inhibited the view of the nearby mountains.

    So they decided to take to the internet to find a pipe railing solution. That's when they found Simplified Building. The couple appreciated the durability and look of our railing systems. They were also happy that the railing was maintenance-free.

    We wanted something sturdy yet unobtrusive but could not find anything that fit the bill at our local building center. When we found Simplified Building Concepts and Kee Lite components on the Internet, we knew that the aluminum would be maintenance-free, last a lifetime, and be very strong. And no longer would our deck railing be ugly and detract from our view! The Kee Lite fittings were a breeze to install, and, shortly, when we cover the weathered wood decking with powder-coated aluminum decking, the railing will be easy to disassemble and reassemble when we're done.

    Balcony Deck Railing

    Balcony Deck Railing

  9. Front Porch Railing

  10. Deck Railing

    Charlie and Barbara built this railing for the back deck of their home. The deck is enclosed by the house on three sides. So they needed a railing for the exposed side and the two steps. The resulting railing extends from the building horizontally along the deck and opens up at the staircase.

    Although they both love the new railing, they could have saved money by having Simplified Building powder coat the railing rather than a local business:

    I was so intent on the fittings that I forgot to order the vertical support pipes. After thinking about it for a while, I convinced myself that I was saving money on shipping. I bought the pipe from the local Moses Lake Steel Supply. I was ignorant of powder coating costs so I was sticker shocked by the Simplified Building price. I know a nice lady locally who has her own powder coating business (items up to 20' in length) so I had her do the powder coating. She and my wife decided on the shade of black thereby ensuring domestic tranquility. As it turned out, I paid her a little more than I would have paid your company, but I like to support local businesses. To sum up, I learned a lot which will help with my next project in the spring.

    Deck Railing

  11. Front Deck Railing

  12. Front Deck Railing

    Claud built this railing for her front deck using one of our deck handrail kits. This kit makes it possible to attach a railing to a base on both ends of the railing uprights. A perfect fit for Claud's situation.

  13. Front Steps Deck Railing

  14. Front Steps Deck Railing

    This railing is a custom solution that provides support along the railing and edge of the deck. David sprayed the railing brown and appreciates the stability of the railing.

    I wanted a railing for my 1880's house that would compliment the feel while still offering stability and style. I primed the rails and then sprayed with a textured brown paint. Super look with serious stability!

  15. Metal Deck Railing

  16. Metal Deck Railing

    Ruth built this creek viewing platform to help mitigate bank erosion for a Boy Scout Eagle project. She needed a railing for the platform and Kee Klamp fittings and pipe fit the bill. She was originally introduced to Kee Klamp by a local construction company but came to Simplified Building for additional components. Ruth appreciated the versatility and strength of using Kee Klamp for the railing and she's even considering using it for railing on their home deck.

    Metal Deck Railing

    Metal Deck Railing


    Simple Rail™ Handrail Kits

    Like this project? Now building a simple handrail is even easier! Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install. Simple Rail™ kits are great for home owners, business owners and landlords.

    Browse Simple Rail Kits

  17. Metal & Wood Deck Railing

  18. Deck Railing

    This deck railing was built by Eliot in New Rochelle, New York. It uses composite lumber posts for the uprights and fittings and pipe for the horizontal railing. Eliot also mentions that Kee Klamp fittings do not react with the composite lumber and stain it as rusting steel or iron would. To attach the pipe railing to the composite lumber posts, the Flange fitting is used.

    Along the staircase, our ADA fittings are used to create a smooth railing. The fittings used here include the Wall Mounted End Return and the Internal Coupling. Here's what Eliot had to say about the project:

    The handrail was exactly what I was looking for visually, and the hard-to-find fittings for 1/2" pipe offered an excellent selection in Kee products. Michael in customer service was incredibly helpful and assisted me with getting exactly what I needed. He is the primary reason I purchased the fitting from Simplified Building.

  19. Boat Dock/Deck Railing

  20. Boat dock Railing

    This railing for this boat dock/deck was built by Dennis in Rockwood, Tennessee. Wood posts are used for the railing uprights while Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are used to reate the horizontal railings. To attach the pipe railing to the wood posts, the Flange fitting is used.

  21. Simple Back Deck Railing

  22. Deck Handrail

    This railing was built by one of our own team members here at Simplified Building, Michael Braun. Michael personally designed this composite deck as a fresh addition to his family's nicely landscaped backyard. He installed two Classic Offset Surface Mount Railing kits on opposite ends to complement his deck steps.

  23. 5-Step Wood Deck Staircase Handrail

  24. Handrail for Deck Steps

    This railing was built by Ellen from Mississippi. Here is what she had to say about her handrail:

    I removed 3' wide steps across the front half of my deck and replaced it with 2 sets of 4' wide steps to go all the way across the front of the deck. It made the deck look wider and I really like the look. I didn't want wood railings to impose themselves and cover the new steps. I love the look of the metal railing and it is very secure for my 82-year-old momma to hold onto going either up or down the steps.

  25. Raised Porch Railing

  26. Raised Porch Railing

    This raised porch was built by Michael in order to cover and expand a decaying 100 year old concrete porch. Here's what Michael had to say about the project:

    A friend recommended your system for an unrelated project and then I saw your website and was inspired to use your product in this application. I got a couple of estimates from different systems but the true deciding factor was the service I got from Acton Smith. He worked with me for a couple of months to make sure we had all of the correct pieces to get this done. He was great to work with.

  27. 4-Step Wood Deck Staircase Railing

  28. Back Deck Metal Railing

    This railing was built by Edward for the staircase attached to his back deck. Edward wanted something to grab when going up and down the stairs, particularly in the winter when the steps are icy. The handrail is a custom build that uses the Top Fix Rail Assembly, the Standard Railing Flange, and Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket.

  29. 3-Step Deck Railing

  30. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Dan in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The railing that accompanies the 3-step staircase was put together using our Surface 29 - Surface Mount Railing Kit.

  31. Deck & Staircase Railing

  32. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Gary in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is a custom design that makes use of our Kee Klamp fittings. Here's what Gary had to say about the project:

    1) I built a railing for my deck in my back yard
    2) You were the only site I could find that used 1 ½” piping for deck railing
    3) Your product is of the highest quality and looks it too
    4) The product was shipped out within a week of ordering it and it went to together with ease.
    5) It was exactly what I was looking for.
    6) In addition, your team was very professional, the website was awesome, and your personal answer the phone on the first or second ring when I called.
    PS, I will recommend your product to everyone.

  33. Pool Deck Railing

  34. Deck Railing

    This small staircase/deck was built by John in Justin, Texas. To accompany the staircase, John used wood posts to create railing uprights. He then used Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to create the railing handrail. To attach the handrail to the wood posts, the Swivel Flange was used.

  35. Dual Deck Staircase Railing

  36. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Mynor in Canoga Park, California. Railing accompanies the staircase on both sides and was made possible with our Classic ADA Friendly Handrail Kit.

  37. Wood Staircase Deck Railing

  38. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Sandra in Loomis, California using our Signature Offset Simple Rail Handrail Kit. Here's what Sandra had to say:

    I wanted to send you a picture of my newly installed handrails. They are solid and secure as a rock and the quality of the materials and design are outstanding. The installation instructions were clear and straightforward. It would have been helpful to include a drill bit size for the handrail screws, but not that difficult to figure out. I'm sure you're aware the stainless steel Phillips head mounting screws are unusable since you included the hex-head mounting screws as well.

    My husband is undergoing knee replacement surgery next week and with these rails, he will be able to negotiate the stairs. I did my online research before purchasing from your company, but nothing came close to the craftsmanship or design of your rails.

    Thank you all for the great customer service and for getting these here in time! I can't tell you how satisfied I am with my new stair rails, but I will most likely be back for more.

  39. Wood Deck Railing

  40. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Scott in Springdale, Arkansas. Although this deck/walkup ramp includes a wood railing, the metal railing allows people to grab the handrail fully. It's something to consider if you have a wood deck with a wood railing as a metal railing may provide a better handrail to hold onto for guests or elderly family members.

  41. Wood Ramp Railing

  42. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Todd in Statesville, North Carolina. It is a custom solution that uses Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

  43. Small Wood Staircase Handrail

  44. Deck Railing

    This railing was built by Toni in St. Augustine, Florida. It was made possible using our Classic Adjustable Simple Rail Handrail Kit.

If you're interested in building your own railing for your deck, we offer a variety of different kits to accommodate any situation. We have railing kits that mount to the wall only, to the ground only, or to both to fit any deck. Additionally, if you need a custom railing, our projects team is here to help. We offer free design assistance for your project. Our team is experienced and can help you with any of your railing needs.

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