Retail Display Tables - Round, Tiered, & Nesting

Industrial Style Clothing Racks

Finding the perfect display solution for your store can be a task. Why not design your own? Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe you can build your own retail display table that fits the personality of your store perfectly and displays your merchandise properly. A retail display table is great for displaying merchandise that can not be stored on a clothing rack or for any featured items. Using Kee Klamp you can easily build your own. Kee Klamp is easy to use, adjustable, super strong, and looks great!

To help inspire your own creation, here are three different retail display table designs that you can build using Kee Klamp:

Nesting Display Table

Department Store Clothing Racks

These displays were built for a Fashion Concept store in Paris, France. The design is a modern take on the nesting display table. The bottom display is built using wood pallets, while the table is built using a table top combined with a pipe frame, and finally the design is completed with a pipe clothing rack. The complete design creates the nesting look.

The look is unified by painting each of the structures white or black. It gives the displays a clean, modern aesthetic. The table can easily be recreated using our Table Frame kits and the clothing rack can be built using one of our Clothing Rack kits.

Department Store Tables

Round Retail Table with Glass Table Top

Retail Display Table with Glass Top

Jack Wilson, an architect, designed this table for a small clothing store, Broad Street Clothing, in Thomasville, Georgia. The table utilizes a pipe frame in combination with a round, glass table top. The pipe frame uses oversized pipe fittings (specifically size 8) to enhance the industrial look and match the clothing racks already in the store. The combination of the glass top and pipe frame also give this table a sophisticated look and fit perfectly to the personality of this store.

Retail Display Table with Glass Top

Tiered Table Display

Powell's Books Merchandise Shelf

This tiered table design is an adaptation of the Stacker Shelf, which features shelves that are stacked one atop another using the Flange fitting in combination with industrial pipe. The Flange is attached to the pipe on both sides which is then mounted to each of the wood shelves creating the different tiers.

This specific table was built for Powell's Book Store in Portland, Oregon to display various book collections but would also be great for displaying other merchandise such as jewelry or clothing.

Powell's Books Merchandise Shelf

If you're looking for a table display for your retail store, then look no further. Kee Klamp provides for the perfect material to create something truly unique for your store yet extremely functional at the same time. Kee Klamp is easy to work with, adjustable, and provides an industrial character that no other material can replicate. Try browsing our Table Frame kits and Clothing Rack kits to find a combination of displays that will work for you and your store. Or contact our retail consultants to help you design a custom solution that will suit your needs perfectly.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Customize the height and width
  • Heavy-duty construction
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