Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - How To Use Them Effectively

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Lead Shoppers

As a store owner, often overlooked can be the organization and layout of your store. With daily tasks like managing employees, bringing new customers through the doors, balancing the books; it often slips your mind or becomes less of a priority. But good organization and layout are vital. They're the lifeblood of any store.

Think of it like the concrete foundation under your house or the bass player in any band. While less glamorous than the actual design of your home or the being the lead singer, without the foundation or that bass player holding down the rhythm, everything falls apart.

One way to create a strong layout and well organized structure is through the type of clothing racks you choose to use, where you use them, and why. Specifically, we're going to talk about how you can use wall mounted display clothing racks to help you achieve a well thought out and organized layout in your store. One that will bring in more shoppers, keep them there longer, and sell more merchandise.

Why You Should Use Wall Mounted Clothing Racks In Your Store

Organize Clothing More Effectively

An organized store entices people to come in. When people walk by your store or immediately step in through doors, their first impression is the organization and layout. They notice if it's clean, well maintained, and organized and they also notice if it's distraught, messy, and chaotic.

This reaction is almost immediate. Within just a few seconds, a shopper can tell if they want to continue into your store. This first impression will either entice people to continue shopping or turn right around and never come back.

That's why it's so important to keep your store well organized. If you're not on top of it, then you're sending shoppers away and losing out on potential business.

To organize your store effectively, you should use a variety of different clothing racks. Wall mounted clothing racks free up floor space in your store and keep it looking clean and organized. You can use these clothing racks not only to display featured items but to store different colors and sizes. A wall mounted rack that faces out will display featured garments while a hang-bar can store different sizes, colors, or less popular items that people can easily browse through.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Organized

This store is a great example. Its combination of different style clothing racks keeps everything organized and makes browsing the store easy. Customers can see the featured garments displayed on the face-out bars and browse for different colors and sizes on the hang-bars.

Create an Effective Store Layout

The next thing shoppers notice is the layout of the store. Where are things located? How do I get where I want to go? How do I navigate through the store? The layout will guide these questions.

Besides organization, a good store layout promotes exploration.

- How to Create an Effective Store Layout, Free Ebook

A strong, well thought out layout will help to guide customers throughout your store and entice them to continue shopping. It should lead them to the areas that you want them to go. This might be more profitable items, popular apparel, or even clearance items.

In developing your store layout, think about where you want shoppers to go or where you might expect them to go. By using the proper combination of displays, racks, and fixtures you can develop the layout around this path. You then control where they go and steer them to explore more of the store and the sections you designate.

You should aim for wide pathways that are free from obstruction. Plan at least four feet of space between the fixtures and clothing racks to allow ample space for shoppers.

Clothing racks mounted to the wall can free up floor space to allow for a clear path. A wall mounted clothing rack in combination with a floor rack or shelving can create a path that's clear and guides shoppers.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Effective Layout

Notice how the wall mounted clothing racks work in conjunction with the rolling rack to create a wide, obstruction free path. This allows ample space for shoppers to move throughout the store and browse the selection of apparel.

Lead Shoppers Further Into Your Store

Well placed clothing racks will lead shoppers through your store. Just in the same way that fixtures placed in the front of your store and in display windows entice people to enter, so will properly placed wall racks.

The best way to do this is to use wall mounted clothing racks towards the back of your store. An eye-catching display along with popular items on the back wall, or even on the sides, will help to draw people further into your store.

The advantage of using wall mounted racks for this purpose are three fold:

They're space efficient, they can be placed higher to catch customer attention at eye level and above, and they can display clothing face out to attract customers.

A combination of face-out and hang-bars make it easy to attract customers and allow them to browse for their respective size. The face-out bar displays the merchandise while the hang-bars store extra sizes.

When using this model be sure to use lower fixtures and display tables in the front of the store. This will ensure shoppers have a clear view of the merchandise above and behind them.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Lead Shoppers

The clothing racks mounted to the wall towards the back end of this store draw shoppers further in. The can easily see the selection of clothing offered and decide if they want to continue on to find something they like.

Wall Mounted Clothing Rack Types

Face-Out Bars

Face-out bars are mounted to the wall and tend to be about 6-12 inches long.They're meant to face out to properly display clothing in order to capture shoppers attention. A face-out bar should only have one style of clothing displayed on the bar. It may hold different colors of that style if there is enough space.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Face-Out Bars

Above is an example of face-out bars. The face-out bars display the featured clothing while shelving below store extra sizes.

Hang Bars or Hang Rods

A hang-bar or hang-rod is a bar that stores additional clothing. It can be mounted to the wall and is often meant to store different colors and sizes or even less popular items.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks - Hang Bars

Above is an example of a hang-bar. Notice that the clothing doesnt face-out but rather is meant to store clothing. It's perfect for different sizes. In this case, different size jeans and dress shirts are stored on the rack.

Ideally, a combination of hang-bars and face-outs should be used on a wall. When using both, aim to achieve a strong balance that will display key merchandise and store additional clothing. Face-outs should be used to display more popular or eye-catching items, while hang-bars can be used to store different colors and sizes for the garment displayed on the face-out bars.

Wall Mounted Clothing Racks

This display combines face-out bars and hang-bars into one design. The face-out bars display the most popular clothing while the hang-bar stores different garments.

This article is just a small sample of the advantages of using wall mounted clothing racks to create a better organized structure and layout in your store. Some of the concepts expressed in this article are generated from our Ebook How to Create an Effective Store Layout that you can download for free by entering your email into the sign up below.

In there you will learn more about the advantages of having a well thought out layout in your store and more ways to accomplish it using different types of clothing racks. If you're serious about improving the look of your store, bringing in more customers, keeping them longer, and selling more merchandise, be sure to to sign up for the free download. Alternatively, check out our clothing rack solutions page for more information or contact our team of consultants for design assistance.

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