Store Fixtures That Optimize Your Retail Space

Store Fixtures

A lot of store fixtures out there are really not designed with the small store owner in mind. These fixtures are created as a one-size-fits-all solution that ends up leaving your store with a display that is boring and unoriginal. Not only that, these fixtures are not designed to take advantage of the unique dimensions and layout of your store. So you end up with a display that is too clunky, not optimized for your merchandise, and is just thrown into wherever it fits best in your store. This results in an unprofessional look and crowded environment. It's a trap that many store owners fall into.

However, Nadine, the office manager for Kaia Yoga Studio in Darien, CT, knew better! Nadine wanted a store fixture unit that took advantage of the unique space of her yoga studio and displayed the studio's merchandise properly.

She wanted a design that would span the full length (22 feet) of the studio wall and take advantage of the room's high ceilings to better optimize the space in the studio. These fixtures would display the studio's clothing as well as other various merchandise including candles, towels, and bottles.

This is when she came to Simplified Building to help her find a solution to this conundrum. That's when she explained her design and was able to work with our projects team to come up with a design that worked for her and met all the mentioned requirements. The result is this beautiful unit that features dark wood shelving paired with the aluminum finish of the Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.


Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures

Each individual fixture is 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall, each featuring a different configuration. The fixtures are 12 inches from the wall, allowing just enough space to comfortably hang clothing. Taking full advantage of the space along the wall but not coming out so far to add clutter to the store.

Each fixture is attached in two places to the wall using a flange fitting and mounted to the ground using the same fitting. The shelves are created by using two separate lengths of pipe capped of using a malleable plug. Wood platforms are then placed on top to complete the shelf. The clothing rack component of the fixture is built using a Single Socket Tee that allow the vertical lengths of pipe to run through it and connect a horizontal length of pipe that forms the rack.


Store Fixtures

If you need a custom display for your store, our staff is experienced in coming up with solutions that suit our customers' needs perfectly. Tap into our projects team for free design assistance in developing a store fixture that works for you!


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