DIY Garment Rack For Men's Clothing Showroom

DIY Garment Rack

After recently moving all production in house, Todd Shelton, an internet fashion retailer that sells men's clothing, started offering tours of their recently built facilities in East Rutherford, NJ. The tours offer people a chance to see their factory, how their clothes are made, and who is making them. This allows for staff to really connect with their customers and visitors the ability to see what the company is up to.

In an attempt to make this tour more enjoyable and useful to visitors, Todd Shelton added a factory showroom where visitors can have the chance to be fitted. All garments are staged specifically for each visitor which ensures that people get a size and fit that is specific to them. This is a key focus of Todd Shelton's model as they strive to elevate style by their "intense focus on size and fit"

In building their new showroom, Todd wanted a clothing rack that would match the aesthetic of the showroom and would fit the brand image. Todd decided to build his own DIY clothing racks for the showroom. "At the core of our company is a desire to design - then make. If we can build something custom, we like to do it." says Todd. He wanted a rack that would be unique, stylish, and modern. "The design of the rack had to fall in line with our design philosophy which is consistency and purpose. With the factory being a big part of our brand culture, the rack needed to represent our industrial core”. With all this in mind, Todd started to develop a design for a clothing rack that would fit the company's needs and image.

Originally, Todd intended to build his clothing rack with materials found at the local hardware stores. However, after scouring the aisles of Home Depot and Lowes for weeks and having made multiple trips, Todd felt vastly underwhelmed and disappointed in the selection offered. He thought "there has to be a better product out there for what I want to do" so he took to the internet to find a better solution.

That's when he stumbled across Simplified Building. The connection was instantaneous. Simplified Building had exactly what Todd was looking for. Simplified Building's availability of fittings, that previously Todd had not known existed, fueled him to come up with a different design that would incorporate the newly found fittings and would accurately represent the brand's image.

Kee Klamp's versatility allowed Todd to come up with a design that was far more detailed and technical than he had originally imagined being able to create with anything from Lowes or Home Depot. Todd felt "fortunate to have discovered Simplified Building".

"The Simplified Building website content is actually phenomenal. While investigating my project needs on the SB site, I would naturally have questions often, each time I found the information without having to dig for it - the answers to my questions were nearly always one mouse click away. I chose Simplified Building because I knew they cared about their product and their customer."


DIY Garment Rack

DIY Garment Rack

Todd has been very pleased with how the clothing rack turned out. "The two-tier rack shows innovation with the efficient use of space, we chose to paint the pipe black and use technical-looking fittings to reinforce our brand aesthetic."

Since the tours have started, customers have been impressed with their experience in the new fitting room. "The rack sets the tone for the experience it's strong and modern. I believe subconsciously the rack represents stability which I believe customers sense and appreciate".


DIY Garment Rack

We are ecstatic that we were able to help Todd out with his clothing rack and that his customers enjoy the new fitting room. Todd has truly been a pleasure to work with! If you want to build a clothing rack for your showroom or clothing store like the one Todd built, we have a variety of fittings that can help you build a totally custom solution. We also offer free retail design assistance to help you in creating the perfect clothing rack!


DIY Garment Rack

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