How Did Laced Up Use Clothing Racks on their Showroom Floor?

Laced Up Retail Clothing Racks (Kee Klamp)

Laced Up is an urban footwear and clothing store in the Chicago area. They wanted to get some racks onto their floor to sell T-shirts and display more sneakers. Simplified Building provided these retail clothing racks. The steel pipe complements the other industrial tables in the store and the shelf-rack combination allows the display unit to accomplish multiple purposes.

Laced Up Clothing Racks

The base of the rack is very close to our standard retail clothing rack design. Using an extra tee fitting and pipe, the shelf could be attached using the fixing pad fitting. This flexibility is what makes clothing racks constructed with Kee Klamp fittings so amazing! The clothing racks can be easily customized to provide the perfect configuration for your store.

Whether you need a custom clothing rack for a retail store, or a standard clothing rack for garment storage, Simple Rack clothing racks can provide you with industrial quality and modern looking retail display and storage.

Simple Rack™ Clothing Rack Kits

Constructed of Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rack clothing racks are durable, modern looking and easy to assemble. Available as a kit or in custom configurations, these industrial quality clothing racks are suitable for store front, storage room, or residential settings.

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