Bridal Boutique Dress Racks with a Modern Elegance

Modern Bridal Dress Racks

Elegant Bridal Dress Racks

Bridal Dress Racks

Wall Mounted Bridal Dress Racks

Modern Bridal Dress Racks

Practically speaking, the racks are very functional. Pipe and fittings give great strength to the rack, ensuring that the racks will hold up under the weight of many dresses. Several different styles of racks were created to display clothing on both the walls and on the floor. Several floor racks break up the space and can be easily moved to accommodate changes in layout. Wall racks were mounted higher off the ground to accommodate the full length of a bridal dress.

Calla Bridal took full advantage of our design team. Working with our team they were able to arrive at the ideal solution for their new boutique. You can work with our team too. Contact us for information about building dress racks for your boutique.

Simple Rack™ Clothing Rack Kits

Constructed of Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rack clothing racks are durable, modern looking and easy to assemble. Available as a kit or in custom configurations, these industrial quality clothing racks are suitable for store front, storage room, or residential settings.

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