Enhance Wall Space with Faceout Clothing Racks and Shelving

Sole Sports Faceout Racks

When it comes to displaying clothing, you want to get your potential customers looking at the garments directly. Looking at the sides is helpful for picking out a color, but without a direct, head-on look at the garment, your treasure might remain buried and destined for the clearance rack. Faceout display racks are helpful when it comes to displaying clothing in a manner that sells. Faceout racks are often mounted on the wall and have a taller display bar that allows the garments to be seen over the top of other display units on the store floor.

Wall-Mounted Faceout Garment Racks

When it comes to building faceouts on the wall, you have several options. You can mount a horizontal bar directly to the wall, but that will leave you with no adjustability in the future. The other option is to use bar mounted faceouts. Our wall mounted display racks allow you adjust the bars at various heights. This is helpful when displaying multiple types of clothing, or changing the layout of your store.

Sole Sports Store Layout

The racks pictured above were installed by Sole Sports Running Zone, an Arizona based running store. They used wall mounted faceouts with shorter display arms to feature light, colorful running clothing.

Lance, from Sole Sports was very happy:

The fixtures turned out beautifully! We'll probably be ordering more in the near future.

Wall-Mounted Shelf

Sole Sports Nutrition Shelf

In addition to the wall-mounted faceout racks, Sole Sports continued to use Kee Lite aluminum fittings to build a wall mounted display shelf for storing nutritional items. The shelf attaches to the wall and the floor. The poles support the wooden shelves with a fitting that is placed under a hole bored in the shelf. This gives the shelves a "floating effect". See this project for a similar concept.

Long selves like this make excellent use of wall space, and the pipe decor unifies the space to give a consistent, modern feel to the entire store.

If you're looking to outfit a new store, tap into our retail design team. We can help design racks, shelves and other retail fixture that will help you sell more product.

Simple Rack™ Clothing Rack Kits

Constructed of Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rack clothing racks are durable, modern looking and easy to assemble. Available as a kit or in custom configurations, these industrial quality clothing racks are suitable for store front, storage room, or residential settings.

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