Monkey Bars Obstacle Debuts at the Spartan Race

Monkey Bars Obstacle

The Spartan Race is in full swing for the summer. People are paying good money to make themselves suffer! It's exciting to see the race continue to evolve as it makes its way through its different venues in the US, Canada and the UK. One of the latest obstacles is a set of monkey bars made from Kee Klamp fittings. Designed to stand up to the abuse of the race AND easily break down so it can be easily transported at each venue, Kee Klamp obstacles are perfect for these hard core, multi-location races.

Here are some pictures of the monkey bars obstacle in use:

Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

Here is the monkey bar obstacle being constructed on site:

Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

If you want to see the monkey bar obstacle in use, here is a first hand head camera view of the obstacle.


Cargo Net Obstacle

In addition to the monkey bar obstacle, the other feature Kee Klamp obstacle at the Spartan Race is the cargo net obstacle. Built on a frame of 1-1/2" pipe, this obstacle can support a group of people climbing up and down at the same time.

Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

Cross bracing is used to keep the obstacle rigid while it is being climbed on.

Spartan Race Obstacles made with Kee Klamp

What's it like to climb over the cargo net obstacle, watch this video.


We Help Build Obstacles

Many of these obstacles have been a collaborative effort between the race director and Sam, our kung-fu sketchup and Kee Klamp master! If you are getting inspired to build your own obstacle, we can help. Give us a call!

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