Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk [Desk Week]

Desk Week Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk

Desk Week - September is a time when people are thinking about work. We have a lot of customers who end up building desks to help them get their work done. We'll be featuring a series of desks this week to show you what some of our customers are doing with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

Created By

Andrew H.


Make a beautiful home office desk out of reclaimed barn wood.


Andrew's desk has a lot of character, and the construction is fairly simple. Kee Klamp fittings make the pipe base construction a snap. Andrew also used a very straightforward method for joining the boards.

Andrew used a standard Simple Table Basic kit to form the base for the table.

The table base was painted a glossy gunmetal color.

The panel at the front of the desk was designed to hide wires. Very similar to Brandon's desk that we posted earlier this week.

Angle iron was used to connect the barn wood together. The angle iron was also painted to match the pipe and fittings.

Building Tips

Building a desktop of reclaimed wood is easier than you think. Simply cut the wood to equal lengths and screw it together with a section of angle iron.

The panel on the front of the desk is a great way to hide computer wires, enhancing the look of the desk. 70-7 rail supports make it easy to attach the front panel.

Parts Used in this Desk

1 x Simple Table Basic kit

2 x 70-7 Rail Supports - Used to attach the front panel

More Pictures

Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk

Easy to Build Barn Wood Desk

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