Wood Paneled Industrial Pipe Desk [Desk Week]

Desk Week Wood Paneled Industrial Pipe Desk

Desk Week - September is a time when people are thinking about work. We have a lot of customers who end up building desks to help them get their work done. We'll be featuring a series of desks this week to show you what some of our customers are doing with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

Created By

Brandon D.


Build an industrial looking desk for a new home office.


One thing that stands out on this desk is the attention to detail. The computer stand and cord management really make this desk look great. The use of the wood paneling pulls the room together and also hides the electronic clutter.

Kudos to Brandon on a well executed design.

Building Tips

Hiding cords can really enhance the aesthetic quality of a desk. Brandon went so far as to attach the power strip to the inside of the front panel. This ensures that only one or two cords will be visible on the floor.

Lifting the desktop unit off the floor does a couple of things. It makes the desk look nicer, that's a fact. It will also help the computer stay cooler and cleaner. Keeping it off the floor helps cut down on the amount of dust that builds up inside the computer.

Parts Used in this Desk

8 x 61-7 Flange - 4 to attach to the desktop, 4 for the footing of the desk

1 x 21-7 90 degree Side Outlet Tee - Brace for the side and back legs

4 x 10-7 Single Socket Tee - Supports for the leg bracing

2 x 15-7 Elbows - Turns for the computer support platform

7 x 73-7 Fixing Pads - Used to connect the wood to the shelf and the front panel.

Customer Note

Ease of assembly made a huge difference. This is the primary reason Brandon chose to use our fitting for this project.

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