Pipe Dream Interior Design - Hyundai Showroom in S. Korea

Pipe Dream Interior Design

Pipe is hot in interior design. Pipe brings clean, industrial lines to any project and the biggest question out there is how best to work pipe as a medium for interior design. Many designs use threaded gas pipe which is difficult to thread and position correctly. Kee Klamp fittings solve the pipe conundrum. Instead of threading and welding, Kee Klamp uses a mechanical fastening system that allows pipes to be joined together with relative ease.

Architects designing the showroom for a Hyundai dealership in South Korea went all out in their use of Kee Klamp. Using pipe, they tied in several dimensions of the showroom ranging from the stair railing to the children's play area.

Pipe Railing for Stairways and Lofts

This railing isn't just a safety railing, it's a statement. Strong steel lines create a look of strength and modernity that runs throughout the showroom.

Pipe Railing Closeup

Pipe Railing - Hyundai

This railing is made with size 6 Kee Klamp fittings, verses the size 7 and size 8 fittings that are typically used for handrail applications. The smaller size has a multiplying effect that creates a strong visual impact.

Showroom Signage

The pipe theme continues in the signage supports. Pipe signage supports have built-in weight that makes them stable and durable. The connection to the theme adds to the impact of the environment... even in the parking lot.

Showroom Signage

M50-6 fittings are used as the connection points for the signage on this support.

Showroom Magazine Rack

This is not your standard magazine rack! Pipe framing supports the central board and then pipes are used to hold the magazines in place. This continuation of the pipe theme is pure genius. Wall dividers, like this one at Esquire HQ in Japan, can also be constructed in a similar manner.

Pipe Magazine Rack

Children's Play Area

If I were a kid, this is where I would want my parents to buy a car! Check it out, blocks, iPads, books, play cars, etc.... This place looks like great fun. The designer of this project continued to factor pipe into this portion of the showroom. Pipe supports make up the shelving units in the back of the play area. Pipe accents play a roll on both the back walls and the knee wall that surrounds the area.

Pipe Accents

Pipe Shelving

Are you inspired yet? If not, head over to our projects area. There you will find hundreds of other projects made with pipe. You can also find thousands of other pipe related projects on our Pinterest page.

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