Construct an Open Workspace with Easy to Build Desks

Easy to Build Desks for Open Workspaces

Every business requires one vital ingredient to make it work: people. There are lots of issues when it comes to managing this vital ingredient. One of those issues is: where will you put them all?! It's one thing to hire talented people, it's another thing entirely to give them a place to work.

Work places these days are taking on all kinds of shapes and styles. Some look like cubical farms, others like an endless set of doors. More and more, employers are opting for more open workspaces that give their people a place to talk, collaborate and share ideas. One such employer is Carrot.

Carrot is a full-service creative digital advertising agency. They've been in business since 2005 and like to spend their time ideating, designing, and building for big brands like Rolex, Target, Red Bull, MTV, Wilson Sports and more. Like any good business, Carrot is expanding.

Carrot wanted to achieve a couple of things with their new desks. First they wanted the desks to look good. Having a nice looking work environment is important in any industry, but especially in the marketing industry. They were also looking for desks that would be easy to build and simple to move and store. Their search led them to Simplified Building.

David Erickson gives us more insight into the story of how they found us:

We had a design for using threaded pipe and I was in the process of looking for sources online and I happened to come across a Pintrest post about Simplified I dug into the Simplified Building web site and it was exactly what we needed. So I talked it through with my boss and we decided to purchase one basic table kit and prototype the design.

Here are a few things we liked about working with Simplified Building:

  • Customer service was great
  • Product was easy to assemble
  • We didn't have to go to a plumbing supply store and hassle with getting custom lengths cut
  • Product delivered to our door
  • We didn't have to do any complex engineering
  • It was easy to do business with Simplified Building

What we like the most is that anyone can assemble/disassemble the desks in case they need to be moved or we need to store them for some reason. The kits are robust, look good and really fit our design aesthetic.

Did I mention that customer service was great?

It's easy to see that David really enjoyed working with us and his tables came out great.

Carrot's Tables - Close Up

Carrot's Tables - Desk Collection

Carrot's Tables - Side

Carrot's Tables - Legs

If you're looking to expand your business with open workspaces, then consider our desk kits as an option for building some amazing work tables.

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