Old-School Custom Playground Structures Made with Kee Klamp

Custom Playground Structure - Old School

Here are some pictures from the Kee Klamp archive. Kee Klamp has been used for over 80 years to build all kinds of unique tubular structures. Before the age of specialized playground equipment there was Kee Klamp - a connection system that allowed structurally strong and creatively elegant frameworks to be constructed. Kee Klamp joins pipe together without the need for welding.

Custom Playground Structure - Old School

Kee Klamp is still a great choice for building playground equipment. It's not colorful and plastic... but you can be sure that it will last longer than childhood. Building a playground out of Kee Klamp could last you several generations!

Custom Playground Structure - Spartan Monkey Bars

Custom Playground Structure - Spartan Cargo Net

Playgrounds aren't just for kids any more! Now the adults are getting into the action with events like the Spartan Race and other obstacle based events. Find out more about this unique connection system by perusing our projects and checking out our product inventory.

If you need help constructing your own custom playground structure out of Kee Klamp, contact our projects team. They can advise on the types of fittings to use and the best way to arrange the system so that it will be safe and secure.

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