An alternative method of securing secondary steelwork and
equipment to primary steelwork and I-beams

Examples of BeamClamp in Use

The Cost of a Connection

Is it worth it to pay $60.00 for an engineered connection? The numbers clearly add up that using an engineered Beam Clamp connection is less expensive, more efficient and safer to install.

Connection Step   Site Drilling or Welding Costs Engineered Solution Costs
  Market Value Time Cost Time Cost
Design Engineering $65.00 /hr. 1/2 hr. $32.50 1/4 hr. $16.25
Permits "Hot Work" $50.00 /hr. 1/4 hr. $12.50    
Permits "General Work" $50.00 /hr. 1/4 hr. $12.50 1/4 hr. $12.50
Hot Work Attendant $15/hr. ?      
Marking of Site Steel
Double marked is conventional
$25.00 /hr. 1/2 hr. $12.50 1/4 hr. $6.25
Welding process Setup and Breakdown
String leads, extension cords, deliver welding machine, etc.
$15.00 /hr. ?      
Assembly Costs $25.00 /hr. 1/2 hr. $12.50 1/2 hr. $12.50
Support Equipment
(Welding machine, drills, etc.)
$40.00 /hr. 1/4 hr. $10.00    
Lead Abatement Process $35.00 /hr. 1/2 hr. $17.50    
Drill bits, oils, etc.
$15.00 /bit 1 bit $15.00    
Site Drill Holes $25.00 /hr. 1/5 hr. / hole $40    
Perform Welding Operation Process $21.00 /hr. ?      
Touch Up Painting / Galvanizing $25 /hr. 1/3 hr. $8.25    
  Subtotal   $173.25   $47.50
Material Cost per Connection
Bolts, nuts, welding rods, hardware, etc.
    $5.00   $60.00
  Total Time 4 1/2 hr.   1 1/4 hr.  
  Total Cost   $178.25   $107.50

Need an Off-The-Shelf Solution?
Try Fast Fit

Many of our Beam Clamp solutions require a very precise look at loadings and beam configurations. Fast-Fit is a pre-engineered "all purpose" I-beam connection solution that can be used to connect many different beams of varying sizes and angles.

We Provide More than Pieces & Parts

We offer a full engineering service to support our products which includes recommendation of an individual product through to a full design capability for a large project. Our technical team has 2D/3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities and can supply design engineers with specific application solutions. Our Technical Sales Engineers perform regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars to educate the design engineers on how to specify our clamping products.

Our Team is
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Our experts will help you select the items you need to complete the project.

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