Type BH1 - Packing Pieces for BY Clamps

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Model: BH1
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Product Description

The BH1 packing pieces are designed to provide support to the underside of type BY clamps to ensure they clamp at 90 degrees to the steel and provide a flat surface for the bolt head or nut to be tightened down on to. These can be used in various combinations with the two tail lengths of BY clamps to achieve the best clamping position.

The Safe Working Loads are based on assemblies tested in typical conditions.

Model Bolt
A B C D dia.
BH1Z08 5/16 1/16 5/8 7/8 3/8
BH1Z10 3/8 1/16 13/16 1-1/8 7/16
BH1Z12 1/2 1/8 15/16 1-3/16 9/16
BH1Z16 5/8 1/8 1-1/8 1-3/8 11/16
BH1Z20 3/4 3/16 1-5/16 1-11/16 13/16
BH1Z24 1 3/16 1-3/4 2-3/16 1-1/16

Do not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) specified.

Additional Information

Model BH1
Manufacturer Kee Safety
Brand Beam Clamp
Material High Strength Ductile Iron
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized
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