Type BL Flange Clamp, Assembly

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Model: BL
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Product Description

The BL is used for clamping steel directly together without the need for a location plate. Typical applications would be clamping two steel sections of the same width running parallel or for clamping down pressure vessel lids. It can also be used with clips and brackets underneath the nut and washer side for connecting conduit or even pipe work. The clamp is tested for tensile and lateral loads, please see data sheet below. The BL part is specifically designed to grip the head of a bolt or nut which means the clamp can always be connected by using a single wrench. The central bolt can be replaced with other threaded items such as threaded rod, eyebolts or J-bolts to provide a suspension element.

  • Only requires one tool for installation
  • Hot Dip Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Extensive clamping range
  • Can accommodate clips/brackets
  • Tested for Tensile and Lateral Loading

The Safe Working Loads are based on assemblies tested in typical conditions.

Model A B C D Tightening torque
(ft lb)
3 to 1 Factor of safety applied
Tensile load in line
with rod (lbs)
Tensile load at nose
(lbs) (per pair)
Lateral load
BLG08A 1/2 1-3/4 1-9/16 0 to 3/16 7 225 1664 56
BLG10A 9/16 2-5/16 1-7/8 0 to 1-3/16 14 562 2098 90
BLG12A 5/8 2-9/16 2 0 to 1-3/8 29 1124 2473 135
BLG16A 13/16 3-3/4 2-5/16 0 to 2-3/16 66 1686 4571 157
BLG20A 7/8 4-9/16 2-5/8 0 to 2-3/4 132 2023 5246 169
BLG24A 1 5-3/4 2-15/16 0 to 3-3/4 147 2360 7718 180

Do not exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL) specified.

Additional Information

Model BL
Manufacturer Kee Safety
Brand Beam Clamp
Material High Strength Ductile Iron
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized
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