Bridge Lifting Point with BeamClamp I Beam Connectors

Bridge Lifting Point

BeamClamp I-beam connectors make up a steel I-beam connection system that is an alternative to drilling or site-welding. This project shows their use in the rehab of a bridge in France. The steel deck of the bridge was being replaced and BeamClamp was used to secure a lifting point to the I-beams that would support the new steel decking.

Bridge Lifting Point

An engineered connection system like BeamClamp has a number of advantages in a scenario like this:

  • No welding is needed on the bridge - easier and safer
  • No drilling is needed, the system just clamps on - quicker and easier
  • The connection has a precise loadings that can be calculated - safer

Bridge Lifting Point

An engineered connection is a better I-beam connection, and in the case of this bridge project the engineers agreed.

Bridge Lifting Point

Here are a couple of comments from the folks who installed and used this BeamClamp I-beam connection system.

  • "The product was simple to use for our application."
  • "Quickly installed. Fixings set-up and tightening done without any issues."
  • "All dimensions supplied by Simplified Building were spot on."
  • "Compliant to level of expectation"
  • "We could have welded but it implied marking the steel and degrading the overall aesthetics of the beams."

Learn more about the BeamClamp I-beam Connection System.

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