Offset I-beam Connection and Support

Offset I-Beam Connection

In the world of manufacturing and refineries sometimes you need a beam to be somewhere, even when it is not directly in-line with another beam. This is where offset I-beam connections and supports come in very handy. They allow a "bridge" to be formed between different beams so that a solid structural connection can be made.

Offset I-Beam Pedestal

This installation features several offset I-beam configurations. A custom pedestal can be fabricated off site and then installed without the need for any drilling or welding. This makes the installation of the new beam quick, efficient and safe. These connections are great where safety concerns and shut-down requirements are a barrier. BeamClamp connections can often be installed without any lost time, outside permits, or specialized labor.

Offset I-Beam Pedestal

Pedestal I-beam connections can be designed to work at any angle. They can support a beam in-line, at 90 degrees, or anywhere in-between. If you need to connect two I-beams that are offset from one another, get in touch with our solutions team and we can help specify the correct I-beam connection.

Offset I-Beam Pedestal

Offset I-Beam Connection Gallery

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