DIY Movable Butcher Block Kitchen Island/Food Cart

Movable Food Cart

Justin, from Oklahoma City, built this beautiful kitchen island/food cart for his wife. Here is his story on how he did it.

I wanted to build a kitchen island for my wife for Valentine's Day. She loved the idea of a food cart and I'd seen some butcher block top carts with pipe/flange+ legs in high-end design magazines for $3k and antiques with refurbished wood from factories for $5k and beyond. So I had to get creative.

I sourced a Boos brand butcher block top (36"x24"x2") and a second, smaller Boos block for the bottom (24"x18"x1-1/2"). I picked up 8 Kee-Klamp Heavy Duty 1-1/4" flanges and four pieces of Gator 7 gauge (27"x1-1/4") tubing from Simplified Building Concepts and was on my way.

To give it that old antique iron look? A few coats of antique bronze Rustoleum.

The color is great, the block rocks, my wife loves the how the island anchors the kitchen, and I spent less than $500 on the entire project. About once a month people beg me to build one for them, but this was just a labor of love. Literally!

Additional DIY Building Information

DIY Kitchen Island

This image should tell you a bit more about the parts you need to construct this kitchen island. The 61-7 Kee Klamp flanges connect the top and bottom butcher blocks. They attach to the pipe with the use of a simple Allen wrench. As Justin mentioned above, he painted the pipe and fittings to give the food cart the look and feel he desired. To the bottom butcher block, he attached two pipe legs on one side and two screw-on casters on the other. This allows the cart to be tipped up and rolled about the kitchen.

Justin mentioned how much he saved by doing this himself. We hope you're inspired by his project. Justin did a fantastic job on this project. If you have a creative pipe application for the kitchen (or any room of the house), contact our projects team to get assistance in bringing your idea to life.

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