Custom Outdoor Kitchen Island

Outdoor Kitchen Island

When it comes to outdoor kitchen island design, some people are very serious! One of our customers built this outdoor kitchen island with the help of Kee Lite pipe fittings and aluminum pipe. Noncorrosive aluminum was used to support a series of tiered counter tops and the grill itself. The result, a beautiful looking outdoor kitchen island.

Designing & Building Your Own Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Building a custom outdoor kitchen island to suit your preferences and deck does not have to be complicated. Without any carpentry skills at all, you can design and build your own custom grill island with the assistance of our projects team. The key to the entire system is a fitting connection system known as Kee Lite slip-on pipe fittings. Kee Lite fittings are made of aluminum and can be easily attached to pipe through the use of an allen wrench. Watch the video below to learn more about the Kee Klamp connection system.

Kee Klamp Connection System Overview

This video will give you an overview of the slip-on pipe fitting system and how you can use it to build just about anything.

Get Inspired, Get Assistance

Get inspired about building your own outdoor kitchen island by checking out our projects gallery. You will find hundreds of projects built with the Kee Klamp connection system. After you get inspired, tap into our design assistance team for additional help on our fittings and products.

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