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Counter Top Desk

Bruce, from Georgia, set out to build a custom desk for his wife's craft room. He tapped into Kee Klamp fittings to form an open base for the desk. The openness of the structure allowed him to place other cabinets underneath the desk to help his wife store the bits and pieces needed for crafting. The strength of the structure allowed him to confidently place a custom kitchen countertop on top of the structure to form this outstanding desk.

Countertop Desk

Bruce tells the story in his own words:

My wife wanted a more functional craft room, using a counter height wrap around desk. I looked at cabinets but we wanted to use some antique pieces and some other open storage. The Kee Klamps and tubing offered a fully custom system allowing for the right size openings as well as height. The looks also fit an industrial and antique theme we were looking for, a mix of old and new. I also made a cart for her cutter that fully fits into one of the openings. The top is a custom ordered counter top finished on all edges. I'm sure I could have built it with a fewer number of klamps but this thing is strong. It does not move or give when she is working on it.

Bruce's desk shows off the versatility and quality of building a desk base made from Kee Klamp fittings. The desk brings the crafting space together and gives plenty of space for projects and even a computer workstation.

Countertop Desk - For Crafts and Computer

Kee Klamp has been used in this way, not only to build desks and tables, but to be the foundation for kitchen counters (such as in this project). See these pictures in our Pinterest feed which show the fittings being used as the base for kitchen countertops.

List of Parts

Bruce's desk was unique to his space, but this list of parts might help you determine what fittings you want to use to build your own desk. The estimated total cost of the desk came in around $2000 when you consider the cost of a custom countertop. If cost savings is what you're looking for, use less fittings and find a reclaimed piece of wood for a top -- like this desk.

Countertop Desk - Corner

Countertop Desk - Under

If you'd like to build a desk, dive into our fittings catalog, be inspired by other projects or tap into our projects team. These options can help you work through your design and specify the right parts for your desk.

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