Industrial Pipe Furniture Featured in German Hostel

Industrial Pipe Tables

German design company, Dreimeta, has put together one of the most inspirational uses of Kee Klamp pipe fittings that we have seen to date! Dreimeta used the fittings to build a wide array of industrial pipe furniture. As you will see from the pictures, the outcome was amazing. This industrial furniture was made for Superbude St. Pauli a hostel located in Hamburg, Germany.

Industrial Pipe Sitting Area and Cafeteria Tables

Industrial Pipe Tables

Larger Images: Individual Tables, Cafeteria 1, Cafeteria 2

Kee Klamp Flanges, Tees, and Side-Outlet Elbows make up the bases of these tables. The long cafeteria tables on the left are supported by a classic H frame arrangement. The base of this table is very closely related to our Maker Tables. The individual tables on the right are bolted directly into the ground.

Industrial Pipe Tables and Magazine Rack

The magazine rack is supported by a unique Kee Klamp and pipe frame. Elbow fittings are connected to Rail Supports, which are then connected to a caster that allows the rack to be rolled to-and-fro while the other end remains connected to a wall.

Industrial Pipe Magazine Rack

The rest of the magzine rack can be seen in the back of this sitting area next to the cafeteria.

Pipe Bed Headboards

Pipe Bed Headboards

The headboards of the beds are made of pipe which is then covered in netting. The pipe frames form the support for the side tables and also the attachment for the lighting. The Rail Support attaches the night stand to a pipe that is sticking off the side of the pipe frame. In this case the headboards are simply attached to the wall with flanges.

Pipe Bed Headboards

Larger Images: Headboard Closeup, Two Twin Beds

The pipe headboards continue the industrial look and tie the beds into the clothing racks and shelf that are on the side of the bed.

Pipe Bed Headboards

Clothing Racks and Shelves

Pipe Clothing Rack

Another feature of the hostel are clothing racks that are made from pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. The racks are simple in nature and allow clothes hangers and lighting to be attached. A shelf is easily attached to the top with a Rail Support fitting. The racks are placed in various locations, and provide functional storage as well as compliment the industrial aestehtic. These clothing racks are very similar in desgin to our clothing rack kits made with the same pipe and fittings.

Pipe Shelf

Larger Images: Rack Through Door, Two Clothing Racks, Racks Next to Beds

Other Pipe Supports and Fixtures

When designing the space, they didn't stop at beds, tables and clothing racks, they exteneded the pipe and fittings to be used in other areas such as magazine racks and supports for the bathroom sink!

Pipe Sink Support

Larger Images: Sink Base, Bathroom and Beds, Sink Through Door

The sink base supports use a very simple configuration. The pipe attaches to the wall and floor with a simple flange. The top of the sink structure is attached to the wall and then to the Kee Klamp rail support fitting. The magazine and book racks shown below are very similar to the clothing racks, only scaled down for use in a sitting area.

Pipe Magazine Rack

One of the amazing aspects of this design is it's simplicity. Most of the structures are designed with only a handful of fitting types. Each of these items could be quickly assembled on site with the use of only a few tools. Because the fittings are modular, you can cut your pipe to any size to make a peice of furniture that will perfectly fit into the space that you are designing. We hope that you are inspired to take a look at our Kee Klamp fittings and design your own industrial furniture.

For more information on this project, along with comments from other designers and architects, visit Archilovers

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