How to Organize Your Retail Clothing Inventory

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Pipe racking is quickly becoming a trendy style of racking in the retail industry. From larger department stores to small-town boutiques, it seems that everywhere you turn you will find the pipe and fittings style of clothing racks.

This look can be used on the floor in a retail store setting for an industrial look or used in your backroom to store your clothing no matter what space you have.

Benefits of Pipe and Modular Fittings to Build Clothing Storage


There are many benefits to using Kee Klamp fittings for designing and filling out your clothing storage area. For starters, you are given the ability to have a custom system made specifically for your space.

You may not have a large area or a nice rectangular room. It doesn’t matter. The wide variety of Kee Klamp fittings can be designed to fit any angle, height, or width.


You can also make changes to the layout and design without having to start all over. You can modify the shape and size by adding more pipe and slip-on fittings.

This is helpful when you are changing out clothing lines or need to expand to fit more clothes.

Installation Ease

Kee Klamp clothing storage systems are easy to install. This means that you can install these racks yourself with no need for specialized labor, saving you on the costs of hiring a contractor to do all the work.


With some hard work and the right opportunity, your business will grow, and you may find yourself moving to a new location. The good news is that this system allows you to take your investment with you and can accommodate whatever new space design you move to.

How do I get started with pipe and fitting storage?

Here are two ways to accomplish this.

DIY Retail Storage

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The first option is to design the system that works best for you on your own. Then go look at the fittings that we have available to determine which ones will help you accomplish your design.

We can also help you get the pipe that you need as well. It can be cut to size or come in longer lengths for you to cut on your own. I suggest getting a little extra so that you can have the flexibility to make changes during your installation. Here is a guide to help you with cutting pipe.

retail storage racks

A quick tip on pipe size: we have found that 1” schedule 40 steel pipe with an od of 1.315” is the best size for strength and for hangers. This is size 6 on our website.

This method is ideal for someone who is familiar with pipe and fitting structures. It’s okay if that’s not you yet. We’ll help you get there, which leads to the second option.

Collaborate with Our Design Team

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The second option is to reach out to our projects team for assistance. Any sketches or photos showing the layout of your space will help us see your vision. Include dimensions, such as the length, width, and height of the room.

This is your vision, and I am sure you have spent a lot of time researching the right option for you. If you have examples of what you are thinking, then please share those with us so that we are better able to help you design the right solution.

Doing it this way allows our team to take the work off your plate and simplify the process by creating a list of materials that you’ll need.

Whether you are opening a boutique or just adding a new location, we are here to help you.

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