Build the Perfect Retail Wall Display with a Few Simple Pieces

Small boutiques and large department stores have something in common; they all need to display their merchandise. While there are companies dedicated to outfitting stores with cookie-cutter clothing racks and stereotypical shelving units, these can quickly become dull and mask the items you are so desperately trying to accentuate. Instead, why not try designing your retail displays specific to what you are selling?

wall-mounted clothing display

Not only can you design your own retail displays simply, but you can also change and rearrange with the seasons as well. Clothes change with the seasons, your clothing racks and shelving should too. With just two different Kee Klamp fittings in mind, you can design out your store walls with clothing racks, face outs and shelving.

Three Wall Display Designs with the 61-6 Wall Flange

The 61 - Wall Flange is our most basic flange used mostly for mounting pipe directly to a vertical surface. However, as you will see, it can have three primary functions when designing your retail space.

Faceouts to Hang Front Facing Clothing

Faceout Clothing Rack

The simplest design that is so often overlooked, the basic face out mounted to the wall gives you the space to hang front-facing clothing wherever you desire. All you need is one flange, a short section of pipe, and a cap to finish off the end.

As a side note, pairing two of these faceouts next to each other and laying a board over top quickly creates a shelf. This would be useful if there are times you’d like the flexibility of having hanging space for clothes with the option to have decorations or other merchandise placed out for all to see at a later time.

floating shelf

Attaching To Walls

fitting attached to walls

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to display items is using a technique of mounting a short section of pipe to the wall then turning it 90 degrees down to the floor. This leaves you with a vertical pipe that is fixed in place and can have several configurations coming off of it.

Once in place, you can have standard clothing storage, shelving, faceouts, and a combination of all these in a single section.

Securing To Floor

For additional support and rigidity, adding a flange to the bottom of one of these vertical pipes allows you to mount the display to the floor. While this isn’t typically necessary, it can add considerable strength. If the display is freestanding and not mounted to a wall, securing it to the ground or surface below with the flange keeps everything in place easily.

Using the flange as a footing option at the bottom of a clothing rack or shelf also creates a more visually appealing capping off of the pipe.

Two Wall Display Designs with the 10-6 Single Socket Tee

The cornerstone of Kee Klamp fittings, the single socket tee is the most versatile fitting that can be used in almost any scenario. Its simplicity allows you to orient it in a few different ways and gives you options for displaying clothes or items. Here are two of the most commonly used examples:

Hanging Bar for Clothing Storage

Connecting a section of pipe between two verticals gives you a solid hanging bar for storing a lot of clothes in one spot. The beauty of this is that this bar is also adjustable up and down. Hanging long dresses one day and t-shirts a week later? Just loosen a couple of set screws and adjust the height.

clothing rack and shelf


Using the same configuration as above, this simple horizontal pipe can instantly be converted into a fully adjustable shelf. All you’d need to add is a board and a means to connect it to the pipe. The two best ways to connect wood to a pipe are the 200-6 and the 70-6.

- The 200-6 is a flat tab that allows the board to sit close to the pipe. This will conceal the pipe and make your shelf look more like it's floating.

- The 70-6 has a gap from the pipe to where the board would mount. This is a great option if you’d like to hang clothes underneath the shelf.

More Faceout Retail Display Designs

Another option for faceouts is the mounted vertical bar and a single socket tee. As an alternative to the flange-mounted faceout, this one will allow you to adjust it up and down as needed. And having two of these faceouts on two different vertical pipes gives you the option again to add a board for shelving.

Faceouts don’t need to be just a single pipe. We have a design that we call the “z-arm” face out clothing rack. This is a short section of pipe coming straight out and a series of two 90 degree elbows to create two levels of faceouts off the same tee fitting. They can be oriented straight up and down or turned to any angle to show off the different tiers.

faceout clothing rack

Starting with these two most basic fittings, you can create displays to fill an entire store. While we have access to hundreds of different fittings allowing you to build almost anything you can imagine, the flange and single socket tee are your biggest ally in designing.

Mounting vertical pipes to the wall give you several options and adjustability in your designs. Fill out your wall space with Kee Klamp retail displays for the adjustability you need and the aesthetics to show off your products.

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