boutique fixtures

Boutique Fixtures

Build the Retail Racks and Displays You Need for Your Store

Design Assistance

Have an idea? Get the assistance you need to build the one of a kind fixtures that are right for your boutique.



Racks & fixtures are designed to let you create, reconfigure, and expand with ease.

Get the Right Atmosphere

Get the vibe you want with sleek and contemporary or modern and industrial.


Simple to Install

Eliminate the need to hire a contractor. Pull out the allen key and screwdriver and start building.

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custom designed boutique clothing rack

Design Your Retail Fixtures

“I like this design, but” is a phrase we hear all the time. We love to take on the challenge and design the clothing racks you want. There are many ways of laying out your store and choosing the racks can make you crazy. We provide design assistance in helping you with the layout, clothing rack options, and choosing the pipe and color if you want.

Custom Boutique Racks and Displays

Finding the right boutique fixtures can be overwhelming with so many options available. Where do you start? Our clothing racks can give you the flexibility to customize and fit your needs whether it’s a free-standing rack or wall-mounted.

If you need to rearrange your retail store, the pipe racks and fixtures can be disassembled and reconfigured to your needs.

Is your store growing? Ordering additional pipe and fittings is simple and easy.

design for your boutique racks
strong clothing boutique racks

Durability and Vibe All in One

Build the right atmosphere without sacrificing your clothing racks’ durability and strength. The pipe racks are of industrial quality and come in either aluminum or galvanized steel. The fixtures can be designed for the strength and durability you need especially with those heavy wedding dresses.

Simple to Install

There is no need to wait weeks for your contractor to be available to install your boutique fixture. This system is easy enough for you to install. An Allen key and screwdriver are all it takes for most projects. Have a saws-all on hand if you need to make on-the-fly adjustments to the length of the pipe.

simple to install boutique fixtures

Start Designing Your Store's Fixtures

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