45+ DIY Storage Shelves for Your Garage & Home

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “I have too much storage”? Our guess is probably never. It seems that no matter how many closets, cabinets, and bookcases you have in the house, there’s always an opportunity for more.

Building shelves with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings allows you to build the perfect set of shelves for almost any space. As far as building materials go, they’re the most customizable thing on the market that’s still easy to use for novice DIYers. Plus, they’re affordable and allow you to work with upcycled wood, glass, or anything else you can dream up for shelves.

In this article, we’ll show you 45+ different storage shelves that people have built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. We’ve broken them down by room, so you can find examples for shelves that’ll work in:

  • Garages
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Home offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Small or unusual spaces
  • And even stores

By the end, you should have the perfect solution to whatever your storage needs may be. Let’s get to it:

Garage Storage Shelves

Storage shelves for the garage need to stand up to a lot. Whether they’re bearing heavy loads or repeated use, shelves built with fittings and pipe can handle it.


diy storage shelf

Stacking bins and baskets on top of each other is a short term solution. Save yourself the hassle of stacking and restacking boxes by storing them on these shelves instead.


diy storage shelves

Want to upgrade your man cave? This workshop shelf can not only support all or your tools, but also integrates with the lighting system.


diy storage

When you build storage with fittings and pipe, you don’t need to worry about limiting the height of your shelves. Kee Klamp fittings are sturdy enough to hold the same amount of weight as a welded joint.


storage shelf

This storage solution wouldn’t just work well in a garage, it would look amazing in a garage. The caster wheels on the bottom also make this easy to transport if you ever want to switch things up.


storage shelves

Kee Klamp customer Gayle built these shelves by meticulously lining up the wood before boring a hole through them. Use bored out Flange fittings to get the same floating appearance.


shelf storage

This shelf solution would work well in the home or in the garage. To build it, you’ll need Side Outlet Elbow fittings, Flange fittings, and Single Socket Tee fittings to create the horizontal supports.

Living Room Storage Shelves

Whether your living room is cozy, traditional, minimalist, or industrial, fittings and pipes can be dressed up or dressed down to complement your decorating style.


diy shelf storage

Make a cozy living room even cozier by building shelves with unfinished or reclaimed wood. The use of pipe gives the shelves an updated look and breaks up the dark wood tones. Easily recreate this look with 90° Elbow fittings, Single Socket Tee fittings, Flange fittings, and a few Fixing Pads to stabilize the boards.


diy shelf

Just because you build shelves with pipe doesn’t mean they have to make a statement. These shelves blend in effortlessly with this living room’s low-key style choices. There’s also a spot for the wall-mounted TV, which is easy to do thanks to Kee Klamp fittings’ modular design. To recreate this look, all you need are Flange fittings and bored out Flange fittings.


diy shelves

These storage shelves make the TV and stereo system the focal point. The unstained, blonde wood and the light-colored walls keep this room feeling airy and bright. There’s also plenty of room left over for this family to grow their collection of decorations. If you want to create a piece like this for yourself, feel free to reach out to our team for free design assistance.


diy storage shelf

This three-tiered shelf would make a unique catch-all or statement piece for a living room. There’s plenty of space for magazines, remotes, and cups. Best of all, you only need a few pieces of sealed wood and a handful of Flange fittings to assemble it. You could have a one-of-a-kind end table in as little as an afternoon.


diy storage shelves

For spaces that are too small for large storage shelves, consider mounting electronics directly to the Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. They can bear the weight of TVs and speakers with ease. This is a great solution for people who want to save space and bring a more industrial style into the room.


diy pantry shelves

These rustic shelves would look great in a more traditional living room. It’s easy to age galvanized metal if you want your Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to look as vintage as your shelves. One Kee Klamp customer demonstrated how she did it with a few common household items, including toilet bowl cleaner.


diy book shelf


These sleek and slim shelves are a great fit for a minimalist living room. To get the same look, order fittings and pipe with a smaller diameter and in black using our powder coating service. The basic fittings you’ll need are Three Socket Tee fittings, 90° Elbow fittings, and Flange fittings.


pantry shelf

These easy-to-assemble shelves fit in with the farmhouse chic trend. Source reclaimed wood from your local lumber yard, give it a light sanding, then forego any additional stain or sealant for a smooth but unfinished look. Float the shelves on the vertical pipes using bored out Flange fittings, then create the top using Side Outlet Elbow fittings.

Kitchen Storage Shelves

If there’s one place where you can never have too many shelves, it’s definitely the kitchen. Some of these projects are designed to be out of the way and fade into the background, while others are intended to be the focal point of attention.


pantry shelves

This shelf is ideal for small spaces. Plus, the modular nature of Kee Klamp fittings and pipe makes it easy to build something uniquely sized. Each level uses 90° Side Outlet Tee fittings so that the pipe can pass through unobstructed. Cutting notches in the corners of the wood boards allows the shelves to rest on the pipes without wasting any space.


book shelf

Take advantage of tall ceilings by dropping a shelf over kitchen islands. This particular design couldn’t be easier: simply attach Flange fittings to the ceiling and at each corner of the wooden shelf, then connect the two with a short length of pipe. The connections have the same structural integrity as welding but you only need to tighten them with a hex key.


book shelves

Building shelves with pipe can keep kitchens looking updated and bright. To get the same style, check out Kee Lite fittings, which have a more modern and boxy profile. These shelves in particular use Flange fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings. 


diy storage shelf 37

Any mixologist or bar enthusiast would love to have this set up in their home. Building shelves with Kee Klamp fittings also lets you adjust the height of the shelves as needed, allowing you to store bottles and glassware of every shape and size. Pair larger diameter pipe and fittings with thicker wood shelves for a truly substantial look.


diy storage shelf 3

These kitchen shelves provide extra storage while still allowing light from the windows to pass through. They’re easy to make using bored out Flange fittings and pipe painted brown using our powder coating service. When you’re finished, store your beer glasses on them next to your full-sized kegerator.


diy storage shelf 31

Think you might want to add on to your pantry shelves in the future? This builder used Three Socket Cross fittings and left one end open. If they ever wanted to extend them, all they would need to is attach another length of pipe and cut a few additional boards.


diy storage shelf 35

Kee Klamp customer Joseph built these shelves for his wife’s store, but they’d work just as well in a pantry or kitchen with tall ceilings. His favorite part of building with Kee Klamp fittings was that no welding was required, and “if I need to add more of the same shelving I can just order more of the same.”

Home Office Storage Shelves

Home offices tend to be small and rely heavily on good design techniques to use space efficiently. Building shelves with pipe and fittings can provide additional storage without taking up too much room.


diy storage shelf 21


Make efficient use of vertical space with a set of floating shelves above your desktop. The unfinished wood boards look great with matte black fittings and pipes. You can paint the fittings using our powder coating service to save yourself time. To build these same shelves you’ll need 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings.


diy storage shelf 6

Kee Klamp customer Matt based this wall mounted desk off a simple, hand-drawn design that makes use of every inch of available wall space. Kee Klamp fittings and pipe make it possible to build almost any design you can dream up. To bring your own idea to life, reach out to our team for free design assistance.


diy storage shelf 23

This particular bookshelf has a quirky, off-center design. The thinner wood boards draw attention to the thickness of the pipes, giving it a more industrial feel. To build one like it, you’ll need Flange fittings, 90° Elbow fittings, and Single Socket Tee fittings.


diy storage shelf 33

This bookshelf is supported by pipes and fittings that have been tucked out of sight. This keeps the room looking sleek and minimalist. Plus, the pipes double as bookends to keep books from falling over. The design uses bored out Flange fittings so that the pipe can pass through the wood while the shelf remains supported by the fitting below.


diy storage shelf 28

Kee Klamp fittings and pipe also make great furniture sets for co-working spaces and offices. They’re rugged enough to stand up to everyday use but stylish enough for industrial spaces. They can also be quickly disassembled and reassembled with the turn of a hex key. To make any of the supports you see here, you’ll need Single Socket Tee fittings, 90° Elbow fittings, and Flange fittings.


diy storage shelf 39

This bookcase looks like it might belong in a child’s bedroom or family room, but it could just as easily fit in a home office. Each shelf rests on top of a Single Socket Tee fitting that connects to a Flange fitting on the wall. The vertical pipes also double as bookends, so this design is as functional as it is stylish.


diy storage shelf 41

Have a large window or similar design challenge? Build a shelf that is specially made to fit the available space. Kee Klamp customer Leo says he built new shelving units for a public library after a window replacement made the old shelving in that section unusable.

His favorite part about building shelves with Kee Klamp? “The infinite customization possibilities and fast communication from your team.”

Bedroom Storage Shelves

Stylish shelves are a must for the bedroom. Given the amount of time you spend in there, you shouldn’t have to compromise on aesthetics just to get more storage. Building shelves with pipe and fittings is one way to tick all those boxes without breaking the bank.


diy storage shelf 24

Building an open concept closet is a good solution for studio apartments or older buildings without much storage space. In addition to Single Socket Tee fittings, Flange fittings, and 90° Elbow fittings, you’ll need Two Socket Cross fittings and Stair Tread Support fittings for supporting the shelves.


diy storage shelf 19

This particular project was featured in a German DIY magazine. Although it was made for a bathroom, it would also look good in a bedroom or anywhere else you need additional storage. The shelves are from IKEA and float on top of these Rail Support fittings. Check out this article for the full instructions on how to build this piece.


diy storage shelf 15

Building shelves over the headboard or footboard of your bed is a smart way to take advantage of a small space. Each shelf balances on top of bored out Flange fittings, which allows the pipe to pass through the wood while still providing adequate support.


diy storage shelf 47

Although this project was built for a store, it would also be a fun way to add additional storage to a small bedroom. The shelf is supported by Flange fittings and is connected to the clothes rail using Three Socket Tee fittings. If you plan to use the shelf to store heavier objects, consider keeping the wood flush with the wall and using some L-shaped brackets for additional support.


diy storage shelf 18


A set of curio shelves can also double as a bookcase. You can make these yourself by finding reclaimed wood at your local lumber yard and cutting them all to size. Then simply attach a Flange fitting in each corner (32 total) and connect with an equal length of pipe (16 total). In a single afternoon, you can have a new focal point for your bedroom.


diy storage shelf 30

Although this cabinet likely serves as storage in a family room, we can also see it working as a vanity or dresser in a bedroom. The overhead shelves could store beauty supplies, jewelry, hats, or other accessories. Don’t forget to check the wall for studs before mounting the Flange fittings; studs provide a solid base that allows shelves to support more weight.

Storage Shelves for Small or Unusual Spaces

Everyone’s got those weird corners and crannies where no other furniture seems to fit. With Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, there’s really no limit to the shapes and configurations you can build.


diy storage shelf 1

Look closely and you’ll notice a few unique qualities about this shelf. First, it’s mounted to the wall in only six places. The shelves appear to float on the pipes but are in fact supported by Fixing Pads. Finally, all of the pipe is connected to form an “S” shape configuration. Check out this article for the full list of materials and instructions.


diy storage shelf 14

Awkward nooks and niches are no match for Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. There is literally no limit to what you can build that suits your needs. This bookcase was quickly assembled with Single Socket Tee fittings, Side Outlet Elbow fittings, and a few panes of glass for the shelves.


diy storage shelf 12

These shelves rest on top of the divider in a stairway but are supported in the back using Kee Lite Swivel Flange fittings. This allows the shelves to have some extra depth while still being fully supported, as Swivel Flange fittings can bear weight despite tight spaces or awkward angles.


diy storage shelf 11

Here’s another example of Swivel Flange fittings in action. There’s no need to let a section of wall go to waste just because the ceiling is low and slanted. Another option is to use 90° Elbow fittings at the top if you don’t like the look of Swivel Flange fittings, but this will shorten the overall height of your shelves.


diy storage shelf 5

A corner bookshelf is a great way to reclaim lost space. Rachel from New York built this project using Kee Lite fittings and pipe. While this project is doable for any DIYer, it’s extremely important that the shelves line up perfectly when boring out the holes. Click here for full details on building this project.


diy storage shelf 10

Ian from Montana built these shelves using reclaimed bookshelves and pipe. Upcycling existing materials is a great way to breathe new life into slightly dated furniture. The use of black pipe helps the shelves blend in seamlessly with the existing cabinetry. To achieve the same floating look, use bored out Flange fittings.


diy storage shelf 29

These shelves provide a storage solution and help to divide a room into different spaces. The use of wooden boxes or crates is a unique way to add storage without much additional work. Most of these crates appear to be supported by bored out Flange fittings. The tops of the pipes connect to the sloped ceiling using Swivel Flange fittings.

Retail Storage Shelves

Own your own store? Kee Klamp fittings and pipe provide the perfect display solutions that are friendly on a small business budget.


diy storage shelf 42

This Urban Outfitters built a frame out of Kee Klamp that both stands out and complements the industrial style of the store. To recreate the angles of the top portion, take a look at these Adjustable Three Socket Tee fittings.


diy storage shelf 43

These displays may look complicated, but they’re actually easy to build with this Wall Mounted Clothing Rack kit. If you want to build matching shelves and display tables, our design team can get you set up with a fully customized solution.


diy storage shelf 45

Kee Klamp customer Melissa built these racks for her store with the help of our design team. However, they’re easy to recreate using this Wall Mounted Clothing Rack kit. Simply add Three Socket Tee fittings to the top and attach a shelf for additional storage.


diy storage shelf 46

Kee Klamp customer Nicholas built this display for his bicycle equipment showroom. The bicycle, mannequin, helmets, and shirts are displayed on shelves that are supported by Rail Support fittings.


diy storage shelf 48

Kee Klamp fittings and pipe complement the style of almost any athletics store. This customer paired black pipe with plain fittings. This mirrors the blonde shelves trimmed in black siding.


diy storage shelf 50

Here’s another example of a store display that could be customized off of a Wall Mounted Clothing Rack kit and a few Rail Support fittings. You can assemble the other bars by attaching a Flange fitting to the wall, inserting a pipe, then finishing the pipe with a Malleable Plug.


diy storage shelf 13

This office supply store displays its printers and scanners on glass shelves supported by pipe that’s finished with a Malleable Plug. The rest of the structure is built using 90° Elbow fittings. The whole display looks like it was bought ready-made from a supplier, when in reality it’s a lot cheaper to build on your own.


diy storage shelf 44

Clothes and accessories aren’t the only thing you can display with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. One customer built this photo display area for his prints using Kee Lite fittings. Kee Lite fittings are quick to assemble and disassemble, so you could easily transport this display for an arts show or crafts fair.

Start Building Your Own Storage Shelves

By now we hope you’ve found the right storage shelves for your needs.

Don’t see what you’re looking for yet? Check out this list of 45+ pantry shelves built with pipe and fittings. Many of them can be converted for use in other rooms if you don’t want to use them in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to build your shelves but aren’t sure where to start, we can help. Our team offers free design assistance. They specialize in helping people bring any idea to life using Kee Klamp fittings and can easily help you do the same.

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