45+ DIY Shelves Built with Pipe & Fittings

Pantry shelves are one of those elements of any kitchen or home that you can never have too much of. Not only are they useful for storing food, pantry shelves provide space for dishes, vases, or occasionally-used appliances.

Instead of installing additional cabinets, which can be bulky and make a room feel closed off, consider building a set of wall-mounted pantry shelves with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

Pantry shelves built with Kee Klamp are:

  • Airy, stylish, and timeless.
  • Fully customizable, so you can design a solution that perfectly fits the unique needs of your room.
  • Completely adjustable thanks to Kee Klamp’s set screw function, so you can change the height of your shelves as needed without compromising their strength or longevity.

Additionally, opting for shelves instead of cabinets keeps costs down and it’s a more eco-friendly alternative.

In this article, we’ll take a look at over 50 different pantry shelves you can build with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings.

Installing Kee Klamp fittings is as easy as turning an Allen wrench, making projects a breeze to complete and mistakes quick to correct. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new shelves. So let’s get started:


Pipe Pantry Shelves

This project features a modern yet sleek design that makes use of our Kee Lite line of fittings. To replicate this set of shelves you can use the Kee Lite Flange fitting and Single Socket Tee.


Pipe Shelving


This homeowner needed kitchen storage that would fit in a small room with six doors. She decided that an open, wall-mounted pantry was the way to go.

To keep shelves from looking cluttered, she stored dry goods in labeled jars and hid canned food in decorative baskets. There’s even space for a microwave. Recreate the look with 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings.




To create more counter space for food prep, consider building two separate units for your pantry.

Matching jars provide storage without looking messy, and you can use a dry erase marker to write a label on the metal lids that will easily wash off later. Copy this project by using 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings.


Pantry Shelves


Want sturdy storage without drilling too many holes in the wall?

This freestanding shelf is the perfect solution. Start by boring holes in the front two corners of the shelves for the vertical supports to pass through. Then, float the shelves above Three Socket Tee fittings and stabilize them with 90° Elbow fittings and a short length of pipe.


Pantry Shelving


If you want an open pantry with a more angular design like this one, take a look at our Kee Lite pipe fittings. In addition to being lighter than the Kee Klamp line, Kee Lite fittings have a slightly different profile that gives projects a more streamlined look. To recreate the X-shaped braces, consider using the 30° to 45° Adjustable Cross fitting.


DIY Pantry Shelves


For those who are short on floor space for their pantry, try suspended shelves. Achieve the same rustic, farmhouse style of this project by using black pipes, fittings, and unfinished wood. Save yourself time and stress by ordering ready-made black pipe and by using our powder coating service for the fittings.


DIY Shelving


The cost of this wall-mounted pantry system from a manufacturer will set you back almost $2500, but when you use Kee Klamp fittings, pipe, and repurposed wood, you could save over $1000 on the final product.

To complete this project you’ll need 28 90° Elbow fittings, 24 Three Socket Tee fittings, and eight Flange fittings.


DIY pantry


This unusual design features shelves suspended above the doors, which is a smart idea for small spaces. Higher shelves are also an ideal place to store items you want to keep out of reach from small children. Recreate the sleek aesthetic using Kee Lite fittings painted grey with our powder coating service.


DIY pantry shelving


Although this shelving system was built for a family room, the same design could be tweaked to function as an open concept pantry. Instead of a TV, consider leaving the wall bare and using the shelf as additional counter space for food prep. Meanwhile, a microwave would fit well on one of the shelves at eye level.


diy shelf


Too many cabinets can make small spaces look cramped. Instead, opt for mounted shelves that offer storage across windows without compromising the natural light. This same shelving system can be recreated using a few 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings.


pipe shelving


Having shelves above the stove provides easy access to spices, oils, and utensils, while still allowing air to circulate. For a more European vibe, build your pantry system with brass-colored fittings and black shelves. Our powder coating service overs 150 different color options.


food shelves


This giant open pantry would be great for a family-owned restaurant or a home cooking enthusiast. Uniformly sized plastic bins make storing bulk foods a breeze, while condiments are easily seen in wire baskets.

If this is the design for you but you’re not sure how to build it, feel free to reach out to our team for free design assistance.


pantry organization


This shelf design would be an ideal pantry solution for someone living in a studio, dorm, or other compact space.

To achieve the rugged, unfinished style, opt for our Kee Klamp fittings. They’re made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel, so they’re as sturdy as they look.


build a pantry


Use our more angular Kee Lite fittings to replicate this sleek style. Pass the vertical supports through thick, unfinished boards, then float them using Three Socket Tee fittings and Flange fittings. The top shelf sits effortlessly on top of 90° Elbow fittings.


pipe pantry


Before you hang frames on that small, awkward wall in your kitchen, consider building a set of shelves instead. This look could be easily mimicked using two 90° Elbow fittings, four Single Socket Tee fittings, and four Flange fittings. Use some thick butcher block style wood for the shelves, and suddenly your prettiest bowls and jars become the work of art.


wall mounted


These shelves are stabilized with an X-shaped brace, which you can recreate for your own project using this Adjustable Two Socket Cross fitting. We offer multiple types of adjustable cross fittings, all with a different range of angles. If you’re unsure which type to order, reach out to our design team for free project assistance.


wall mounted pantry


For that awkward nook right near the door, a customized set of shelves is the perfect way to display heirloom dishware or antique scales. To complete this project, all you’ll need is some black pipe, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings painted black with our powder coating service.


wall mounted pipe pantry


Need more storage space but don’t like the look of vertical pipes? Small shelves can get away without needing the additional supports.

This is also a good project for someone who is new to DIY and wants to dip their toe in the water. Simply screw two Flange fittings into a stud, attach a pipe using the set screw, and finish off with a Malleable Plug fitting.


pipe pantry shelves


To achieve the more rustic look at the end of these pipes, use a Collar fitting before adding the Malleable Plug. This gives the support some extra style and definition but also prevents the shelf from sliding around too much.


wood pantry


To make your white dishware or storage containers really stand out, contrast them with slate grey pipes and dark brown wood. This particular example likely uses Size 6 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings.


mounted pantry


It’s no secret that spice cabinets can get cluttered quick. We offer pipes and fittings as small as half an inch to help you create a shelf the perfect size for all your spices. A bit of chalkboard paint on each lid helps make identification quick and easy.


wall mounted pantry


This rustic, farmhouse style shelf gets a fresh update thanks to its slimmer profile. To get the same look, opt for Size 4 90° Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and Flange fittings, which have a ½ inch inner diameter. Thin maple boards or another white hardwood complete the project.


pipe pantry


Wall-mounted pantry shelves aren’t limited to small kitchens. Replacing bulky cabinetry with shelves can help highlight a beautiful countertop or overhead vent. For this style, stick with Size 6 or higher fittings and pipe, which have a one-inch inner diameter.


pantry design


If you have a basement or other room with extra space, a wall-mounted pantry can store bulk purchases and items with a long shelf life. Both our Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings are corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damage caused by dampness or other variables.


pipe pantry design


Building a wall-mounted pantry with pipe can inspire some interesting design choices for the rest of the room. In this case, wiring for the overhead lights is threaded through the pipes, giving the room a farmhouse vibe while minimizing the amount of drilling you’d need to do to the ceiling.


shelving design


This shelf doubles as a towel rack or place to hang pots and pans with S-hooks. While using a board against the wall would normally help brace the shelf, the top board actually floats independently, using only Flange fittings for stabilization.


wall mounted shelving design


An open pantry could also double as a divider between living spaces. Instead of knick-knacks, cover shelves with brightly colored cans, baskets for bulkier items, and grains and spices in glass jars. To recreate this project, use Flange fittings for the floor and ceiling mounts, then float the shelves on top of bored out Flange fittings.  


wall mounted pipe pantry


With this solution, you’ll never have to struggle to find the lid that matches the pot. This simple rack uses two 90° Elbow fittings, two Flange fittings, and a length of pipe. The pots hang from the pipe with S-hooks, while the rack itself doubles as a place to prop lids.


wall mounted pipe shelving


Consider utilizing a closet or mudroom just off the kitchen as additional pantry space. Although not seen in this picture, larger shelves would benefit from the additional support of a Fixing Pad, which prevents the boards from sliding around on the pipes.


pipe shelving


Hanging S-hooks from a pipe rack isn’t only a smart solution for storing pots. Anything with a hole or handle can hang so they are always within easy reach. Small buckets are also convenient for keeping fresh herbs on hand.


mounted pantry


These shelves would be a good idea for a small wall where you need additional pantry space. All you need for each shelf are two 90° Elbow fittings, four Flange fittings, and four short lengths of pipe.


floating pantry


To stabilize a large wall-mounted pantry, consider mounting Flange fittings directly into a cabinet with wooden countertop. Leave extra space between a top shelf and ceiling in order to display taller items, such as vases or heirloom dishware.


floating shelving

There’s no need to let tight corners go to waste. Pantry shelves built with pipe can help you take advantage of almost any space that would otherwise be underutilized.

If you want the same color scheme as this project but aren’t willing to splurge on actual bronze, we offer over 150 color choices with our powder coating service.


floating pantry shelving

These small shelves provide light, airy storage for smaller items in your pantry, such as spice jars or dessert plates. Building them is easy: simply mount a Flange fitting into a stud, attach a length of pipe using the fitting’s set screw, then top with a Collar fitting before adding the Malleable Plug.


floated pantry shelving


These shelves have a similar design to the ones above but use thicker, unfinished boards. They’re ideal for storing bulkier items like cans or large containers. Always make sure you’re screwing the Flange fittings into a stud so that the shelf is fully supported.


floating pantry shelves

Don’t let permanent fixtures such as built-in medicine cabinets or electric panels leave you with wasted space. The modular nature of Kee Klamp fittings and pipes makes it easy to build around almost anything.

These shelves float on a small collar fitting, but we recommend using bored out Flange fittings. Bored out Flange fittings allow the pipe to pass through but give the floating shelf added stability.


pipe pantry


Wall-mounted pantry shelves with pipe allow you to fully maximize walkways and other small spaces. If you want to recreate this gold look, consider choosing one of over 150 color options we have with our powder coating service.


pantry shelving


To get the same style as this sleek shelf, we recommend using Single Socket Tee fittings from our Kee Lite line. Kee Lite fittings are made from anodized aluminum, so they’re lighter than Kee Klamp fittings, but are just as durable and corrosion resistant. They also have a more square shape, making them ideal for people who prefer modern design.


easy diy pantry


If you want the same functionality as pipe shelves for your pantry storage but don’t like the look of pipe, consider floating shelves on only a few vertical supports using bored out Flange fittings.


easy wall mounted pantry


These wall-mounted pipe shelves show off the benefits of Kee Klamp fittings’ modularity. Take advantage of wasted space between shelves by hanging an additional shelf from the underside using Flange fittings. This method stores all your canned goods without having to stack them precariously.


easy wall mounted pipe pantry


Make the most out of your wall-mounted pantry shelves by displaying liquor bottles and beautiful glasses. The open design means that shelves double as a prep space, so there’s room to make drinks in the same place you store your barware.


easy floating pantry


This pantry shelf design provides much-needed storage in a small space without blocking windows or natural light. Use bored out Flange fittings to support floating shelves, which, if you’re like this builder, can store beer glasses next to your full-size kegerator.


pipe pantry ideas


These industrial pipe shelves wouldn’t look out of place in a firehouse. Quirky touches like the red spigot add to the design. Additional lighting is easily done by threading the wires through the pipes, and this 11° to 30° Variable Elbow fitting can help direct light to whatever part of the pantry you want.


easy pipe pantry ideas


These walnut stained pantry shelves convert an entire wall into storage without making the room feel cluttered or closed off. Altogether, the Kee Klamp fittings and pipes for this project will total a little over $1,000. Compared to ready-made shelves in the $2,500 range, a pantry made with Kee Klamp fittings offers superior value for money.


easy wall mounted pantry


These dark stained hardwood shelves with black pipe offer timeless style. If you like the look of extra pipe, then opt for two vertical supports on either side of the shelf. Bored out Flange fittings provide additional support to the boards while staying neatly tucked out of sight.

easy wall mounted pantry shelving


Have unusual size and height needs for your shelves? The modularity of Kee Klamp fittings makes it easy to design your pantry however you want.

The set screw function of each fitting means you can always adjust the height later on if your needs change, or if you make a mistake the first time around. In any case, Kee Klamp fittings are fully adjustable without compromising on strength.


wall mounted pantry shelving diy


Get the most out of your laundry room by installing pantry shelves on a bare wall. Notice how this builder used a 90° Elbow fitting, Collar fitting, and Malleable Plug to create a place at the top to hang towels or hangers. Using reclaimed wood for the shelves is also eco-friendly and helps keep project costs down.


pipe pantry 50 4


To keep the room feeling open and bright, go with fewer shelves spaced further apart. This also helps store larger items like a microwave. The set screws of the Three Socket Tee fittings and 90° Elbow fittings provide the same strength as a welded joint, so you can always trust that the shelves are able to bear almost any load.

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