Floor Mounted Modern Pipe Table

When it comes to simple tables, they don't get much more simple than this! This elegant floor-mounted industrial pipe table, uses four flanges and a piece of pipe to mount a wooden desktop directly to the floor. Such construction is inexpensive, because it greatly reduces the materials needed to provide a stable desktop. Instead of providing stability through a wide base, it achieves stability by being screwed directly into the floor.

This particular table was designed for children, but could be built at any height, simply by varrying the length of the leg pipes.

Floor Mounted Pipe Table

The flange used in this pipe table design is the Type 61 Kee Klamp flange. The flange attaches to the pipe with a set screw that bites directly into the pipe (unlike plumbing flanges that require threading). The flange attaches to the floor and the desktop with four screws in each flange. Simple!

See more pipe tables and pipe furniture made with Kee Klamp pipe fittings in our projects area.

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