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Pipe and fittings provide your next project's most versatility and durability. With over 100 different fittings in our Kee Klamp and Kee Lite catalogs, and multiple different industrial tubing and pipe. Your next project is only limited by your imagination.

Benefits of Pipe and Fittings

pipe and fittings

Pipe and Fittings Make Building Easier

Pipe and fittings are designed to make assembly and installation as easy as possible.

The set screw system of our pipe and fittings allows for simple assembly with just an Allen key and a drill for any mounting you may need.

Pipe and fittings allow for full customization and modification to anything you want to build!

Pipe & Fittings are Built to Last

Our pipe and fittings are manufactured to maintain durability and shine through all sorts of use.

Even if something becomes damaged or in need of repair over time. The pipe and fittings system makes repairs and replacements simple and quick.

Through rain, shine, and blizzards. Our line of pipe and fittings will hold their weight and keep you safe.

pipe and fitting railing
handrail installation

Modular vs Welded

A pipe and fittings system far out shines a welded system.

A welded system is more prone to rusting and losing its strength around the welded points of a pipe. With our set screw system, the durability and integrity of the pipe and fittings will last far longer than any welded system.

And with a pipe and fittings system, there's no special skill or tools needed. Anyone can assemble and install their new project with just a few simple tools.

All Types of Metal Materials

Whatever type of pipe and fittings you need. We got it.

We have a wide selection of schedule 40 galvanized steel and aluminum pipe and fittings, along with industrial strength gator tubing.

All of our products are designed to make building easier, and to last you a lifetime.

If you want a more specific look at our product lines, check out our catalogs of Kee Klamp, Kee Lite, and Pipe products

pipe and fittings handrails
powder coated railing

Powder Coat Your Pipe & Fittings

Our pipe and fittings can be powder coated to match the color and style you want for your next project.

We offer a handful of different color options for powder coating, including different styles of black and glossy white.

If you have other colors you wish to have your pipe and fittings powder coated, reach out to our team who can help you find an option that works best for you.

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