10 Handrail Kits to Simplify Your Honey-Do List

Front Porch Stair Railing with Pots

The Honey-Do List. We’re all familiar with it. Whether you’re on holiday or enjoying a staycation, there’s seemingly no end to what needs to be done.

If you find yourself in need of a handrail for your front porch, back deck, or anywhere else on you property, then make it easier on yourself and don’t design the railing from scratch.

Here is a list of 10 different handrail kits that you can use to tackle one of your Honey-Do List items!

Front Stair Handrail

Front Stair Railing

Here is a standard offset handrail kit for your stairs.  It allows you to have a smooth surface on top and a nice offset look from the posts. It comes with two posts that you can mount to the stair surface so you don’t have to put screws through the siding of your house.

Front Yard Stair Handrail

Front Yard Stair Handrail

Sometimes there just isn’t the space for an offset handrail kit. Using our adjustable handrail kit will allow you to have less stair width and not have to worry about the angle of your stairs. Fixed fittings and welded panels don’t have as much flexibility. If your goal is to complete your Honey-Do list as quickly as possible, then this is the kit for you!

Porch Handrail

Front Porch Handrail

If you have a nice landing at the top of your stairs, then the standard kit isn’t long enough. Get the look and smooth finish of the offset railing while providing support for your whole front stair with our surface landing offset handrail kit.

Backyard Stair Handrail

Backyard Stair Handrail

Have a landing with limited space? Then use our limited landing handrail kit to give the support you need while allowing the most width on your stair and landing area.

Landscape Stair Handrail 

Landscape Stair Handrail

If you have stairs that have a wall adjacent to them, then you can take advantage of our standard wall-mounted handrail kit. Fewer parts make this an easy-to-install project for a little less money, without losing on quality.

Deck Stair Handrail 

Deck Stair Handrail

If you like a smooth handrail without any protrusions on the end, then our smooth wall-mounted handrail kit would be the solution for you. It uses internal couplings to connect the parts of your handrail while giving you a smooth finish.

Wall-Mounted Support Handrail

ADA Wall-Mounted Handrail

If you have a landing or would like to give a little extra support beyond your stairs, then our ADA-compliant wall-mounted handrail kit will provide that for you.

Handrail for Cellar Access 

Cellar Stair Handrail

You may have a wall on one end of your stairs and nothing on the other, commonly found with cellar access stairs. You can use a hybrid side-mounted handrail kit to provide a post on one end and a wall mount on the other.

Garage Handrail 

Garage Stair Handrail

Sometimes your top stair just doesn’t have the space to support a handrail post, either because it isn’t wide enough or deep enough. Don’t worry! You can always use our adjustable hybrid handrail kit to provide safe connections on both ends.

Side Door Handrail

Handrail for Your Side Door Stair

Limited space but don’t like the adjustable look? We have a limited hybrid stair handrail kit that can provide the same flexibility while giving a more continuous-looking finish.

These are just a few of the handrail kits that are available to you. Also, you can design your own handrail or contact one of our experts to help you design it.

Either way, we’re here to help you tackle that Honey-Do List.

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