Signature Wall Mount Simple Rail Handrail

Select a powder coat color that makes you happy
Long lasting galvanization inside and out
Wall Mount Railing
No need for extra tube and fittings - Mounts directly to your wall
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Model: sr-sig-wall
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Product Description

A Handrail Kit Suitable For Any Angle

Install your handrail at any angle; the unique handrail bracket makes it easy. Get the exact angle you need by loosening and tightening a single set screw.

black handrail kit for home access
ADA compatible handrail kit for domestic use

A Smooth Handrail

Don't worry about hitting your hands on the brackets. The grab rail sits on top of the fittings, creating a continuous, smooth surface. You'll never have to take your hand off the rail the whole time you're on the stairs.

Not Cold To The Touch

Bare galvanized steel can feel quite cold, especially on chilly days. An appropriate colored handrail will help lessen the initial shock of a freezing handrail or a hot one, for that matter.

A black handrail will feel warm in cold climates. A light-colored railing will not absorb as much heat in full sun locations.

black handrail tube and fittings
black handrail outside the house

Perfect For Outdoor Use

Your handrails will withstand even the harshest weather conditions, with no signs of corrosion. Our kits use industrial strength galvanized steel tubes and hot-dipped Kee Access fittings. The polyester powder coating not only adds a great look to your rail but also withstands scratches and scuffs.

You'll have a sturdy surface to grab onto any time you go outside, take the trash to the curb, or relax on your deck.

Designed To Last Decades

These handrails are not flimsy handrails that you'll need to replace anytime soon. Once installed, you can rest assured that it will be there for you whenever you need it. Made from industrial strength tubes and fittings. Your handrail will last decades without rusting or bending.

powder coated sturdy handrail
custom adjustable handrail kit for your garden

Not The Handrail You Are Looking For?

Let our team help you design a rail that suits your requirements! We use galvanized steel or aluminum uprights to build sturdy rails that will help you gain access to your home or garden. Just get in touch with our team!

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Kit Instructions

Additional Information

Model sr-sig-wall
Manufacturer Simplified Building Concepts
Brand Simple Rail
Railing Type Smooth - Fittings do not wrap around the grab rail.
Railing Ending Open Ended
Mounting Angle Any Angle
Mounting Style Wall Flange
Garage Mounting Location Wall
Metal Galvanized Steel


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