10 Front Step Handrails You Can Install Today

Front Step Handrails

Installing a railing on your front steps may be needed because someone in the home needs assistance or your insurance requires you to. Whatever the reason, not every stair is the same and sometimes understanding how to do this well can be overwhelming.

Here are 10 examples of different styles of handrails for your front steps.

Concrete Stair Railing

Concrete Front Step Handrail

A few stairs may not seem like much of a concern, but stiff knees or a hard day can make them a little more challenging. Our customer chose to install a classic adjustable handrail kit for both halves of his two-family house. It’s easy to install and accommodates most stair angles.

Driveway Sidewalk Stair Railing

Driveway Sidewalk Handrail

Whether it's parking at the end of the driveway or visitors who park in the street, having stairs next to your sloped driveway is a safer way to get to your front door. Having a grabrail is another way to show that you care by making it easier for someone with less agility to enjoy some time with you and your family. Bill thought of this when he installed an extended version of our signature inline handrail kit.

Post to Wall Brick Stair Railing

Front Brick Stair Handrail

You may want to make it easier to get in your house but don’t have the space for a post at the top of the stairs. Anthony chose to install our hybrid classic continuous handrail kit. He chose to have his powder-coated black to meet the look he wanted with the brick.

Handrail for Stairs with a Brick Retaining Wall

 Handrails for Stairs with a Brick Retaining Wall

Sometimes the wall is at the bottom of the stairs. A great way to minimize your railing is to only use posts as necessary. This is what Bill did when he installed an extended signature offset hybrid handrail.

Extended Concrete Stair Handrail

Longer Concrete Stair Railing

Cathy has this lovely concrete staircase next to her bushes. A great way to prevent someone from falling into the bushes while giving them something to hold on to is to install a handrail. Cathy installed an extended classic limited handrail kit and accomplished that very goal.

Side Mounted Stair Handrail

Side-Mounted Stair Railing

Sometimes you want to maximize the amount of space you have on your stairs and mounting to the top of your stairs is just too cumbersome. Charles chose to use our classic adjustable handrail kit with our standard wall flange to allow him to open his door without the handrail being in the way.

Natural Stone Stair Railing

Natural Stone Stair Handrail

It may seem impossible to install a safe and good-looking handrail if you have a natural stone staircase. Bill used our custom handrail system to design and build a handrail that accomplished both safety and aesthetics.

A Two-Step Stair Handrail

Short Step Railing

Steps don’t have to be high to benefit from a handrail. You don’t always need to stick to a kit to get the simple design that you want. Alex used the swivel elbow, standard flange, and some steel pipe to great effect.

Gravel Stair Handrail

Gravel Stop Stairway Railing

You don’t have to use pipe for the entire handrail structure to get a wonderful look with a safe design. Brent installed stained 4x4s with beautiful caps next to his gravel stairs. Then, he used an extended wall-mounted handrail to finish it off.

Double-Sided Concrete Stair Handrail

Front Step Double-Sided Railing

If you have the space, then installing a handrail on both sides of your stairs gives you and your guests the option to choose which side is most comfortable to climb with help. John accomplished this with two offset handrail kits.

These are some of the many examples of customer-installed handrails that are available to you. You can do this by using one of our many simple rail kits, designing your own handrail, or connecting with one of our experts to help you design the right handrail for your front stairs.

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