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How Well Does Your Railing Break?!

Broken Railing

It may sound like a strange question, but those of you who work in facilities maintenance know that accidents happen!  I recently spotted this railing on a main road near my house.  It was made from Kee Klamp and clearly had been hit by a car.  This railing illustrates a core advantage of Kee Klamp Railing as a modular solution.  If this railing had been a welded rail, two things would have been different:

1. The damage would have probably been more severe (notice the clean brake points by the fittings in the picture below).

2. Repairing this railing would have been much more expensive (and probably uglier too).

Upon close inspection only about three uprights need to be re-cored and replaced and then a couple of sections of pipe reinstalled.   Instead of costing thousands to repair, itll probably cost hundreds. 

The modularity of Kee Klamp handrail and how they respond in real world circumstances has a clear advantage over a welded railing solution.  Not only will a Kee Klamp railing provide you with a lower cost at installation time, it will dramatically cut down on repair cost should (or when) the railing becomes damaged!


Broken Railing Broken Railing

Broken Railing

Broken Railing Broken RailingBroken Railing

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I think this might be the simplest and best example I’ve seen of the advantages of constructing a railing out of modular Kee Klamp fittings and pipe versus out of welded pipe.

An additional thought is that even though the pipe might be mangled and unusable after being hit by a car, some or all of the fittings might still be able to be used for the replacement sections of railing and posts. This would help save a few more bucks!

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