DIY Coffee Bar Table (With Step-by-Step Plans)

DIY Coffee Bar Table

When Roland needed to find some tables for his coffee shop in Miami, Florida, instead of turning to a big-box, store-bought solution, he decided to come up with his own unique look and design.

That's when Roland found Simplified Building's Kee Klamp fittings and used them to create the awesome DIY Coffee Bar Tables featured here.

In this article, we'll cover the details of Roland's custom tables, the fittings you'll need, and show you how to build your own (with detailed steps and diagrams).

Roland's Coffee Bar Table Project Details

Roland built these custom tables for his new coffee shop, Vice City Bean in Miami, Florida. The tables feature a custom top combined with a pipe frame constructed using Kee Klamp fittings.

The base of the table frame utilizes Flange fittings to create the frame "feet". Flange fittings are also used at the top of the table frame to support the table top. The fittings have four holes in them for mounting any type of surface.

Finally, Single Socket Tee fittings are used to connect the middle brace (running horizontally along the bottom of the frame).

DIY Coffee Bar Table

To compliment the look of the tables, Roland also built a sofa frame to match, again using Kee Klamp fittings:

Pipe Sofa

Here's what Roland had to say of the project:

"We used Kee Klamps to construct our coffee shop window bars and our custom bench seat. Our customers love the look and everything is solid! We appreciate the great customer support you supplied."

DIY Coffee Bar Table

DIY Coffee Bar Table


  • Length: Configurable (Standard 6')
  • Depth: Configurable (Standard 1')
  • Height: Configurable (Standard 3')


  • clock 1 Hour (Or Less)
  • wrench Allen Key, Mounting Hardware to Attach Table Top to Frame

What's included:

All of the pipe and fittings needed to assemble the breakfast bar frame.

What's not:

Tools, Mounting Hardware, Table Top, Coffee

Steps to Assemble the Coffee Bar Table

As with almost any other Kee Klamp built project, the exact order you take to assemble your project is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it. However, with that said, we have listed detailed steps and diagrams below for an easy approach to assembling the table.

DIY Coffee Bar Table Plans

  1. We recommend building the table frame in sections (the left and right frame ends) and then joining those sections together. To do this, we'll first assemble each leg. Start by taking the pipe leg and attaching the fittings as pictured in Step 1. Each leg will utilize two Flange fittings (one at the top and bottom of the leg) and a Single Socket Tee fitting. Be sure to mark the height of the Single Socket Tee in order to set it at the same height across all four legs. Once in place, you can secure the fittings by tightening down the set screw on each fitting.
  2. You should now have a complete leg as pictured in Step 2.
  3. From there, we'll join each pair to create the table frame ends. Following the diagram in Step 3, join two legs together using the Single Socket Tee fittings and a small section of pipe. Be sure to slide a Single Socket Tee onto this pipe for the table brace.
  4. You should now have two complete ends like the one pictured in Step 4.
  5. Now, simply join these two sections together following the diagram in Step 5.
  6. The table frame should now be complete. To attach the table top, first place it over the Flange fittings and line it in place. Then using the appropriate hardware (in this case, wood screws) screw into the bottom of the table top (and through the Flange fittings). Each Flange fitting has four holes in it for mounting.
  7. That's it! You should now have a complete coffee bar table as pictured in Step 7.

If you have any problems assembling the table, or need some help designing a custom solution, don't hesitate to reach out to our projects team for assistance. Our team is experienced in using Kee Klamp and has helped many customers come up with their own perfect design. Also, make sure to check out our table frame kits for a simpler approach.

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