Weather Resistant Railing That Won't Rust

Weather Resistant Railing That Won't Rust

When it comes to harsh environments, some would argue that there are none harsher than Upstate New York. (Trust me, I see an awful lot of complaints on Facebook every year about the drudgery of our snowy climate. It is baffling to me how distraught people get when they know that this happens every year.) In any case, while it may be somewhat of an exaggerated statement, Upstate New York does see some fierce weather especially during the long winter months. Maintaining safety during these months can be a difficult task for anyone, not to mention doing so in a state park that has 19 waterfalls, receives 49 inches of average yearly snowfall, and sees thousands of visitors every year.

Watkins Glen State Park has been tasked with this exact problem. To keep visitors safe Watkins Glen has employed a railing system throughout the park. This railing protects visitors from slipping off the jagged edges of the park's trails and prevents visitors from getting too close to areas where it's not safe. To survive the harsh winter elements and to ensure visitors are safe, this railing needs to be tough. It also needs to be weather resistant as the moisture from the park's many waterfalls, streams, ponds, rain, and snow can eat away at metal. If this railing is not super strong, sturdy, and resistant to rust it could fail and leave visitors vulnerable to an accident. Watkins Glen would be forced to keep people from seeing the beauty of this gorgeous state park.

To ensure it's visitors are safe for years to come, Watkins Glen went with Kee Klamp to construct their railing. Watkins Glen made a very smart choice. Kee Klamp lasts nearly 7 times longer than any fabricated or welded railing. This is because the fittings and pipe are galvanized (a process of applying a protective zinc coating to steal or iron to prevent rusting) that ensures that they do not rust. In fact, a Kee Klamp railing can go up to 20 years without showing any rust as compared to a fabricated railing that can start showing rust in just two years. Not to mention the fact that fabricated railing is costly, difficult to maintain and repair, and requires specialized labor to build and install.

When you go with a fabricated railing system you are at the mercy of the technical people putting it together. When you go with a Kee Klamp railing, there is no need for specialized labor or work permits because there is no cutting or welding needed. This absence of welding and cutting is what keeps the integrity of the galvanized coating in tact and keeps it from rusting.


Weather Resistant Railing That Won't Rust

Weather Resistant Railing That Won't Rust

Watkins Glenn is not the only outdoor attraction to go with Kee Klamp for these very reasons either. The park at Niagara Falls has also used Kee Klamp because of it's simplicity, durability, and it's weather resistant abilities that ensure the railing will be free from rust. Niagara Falls has been using the same Kee Klamp railing for the past 50 years. It took 17 years for one Kee Klamp fitting to finally fail. However, the staff at Niagara Falls were able to easily replace the fitting and have the park up and running in just a few hours. This would not have been possible with a fabricated railing system that would require specialized labor to come out to weld the railing.


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When choosing a railing that is weather resistant and won't rust, is super strong, and sturdy there is no better solution than Kee Klamp. If you're looking for an outdoor railing solution to fit your needs, our staff here at Simplified Building is here to assist you in coming up with a personalized solution.

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