Aluminum Pipe Railing Installation at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park

Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Kee Lite Railing

The Buffalo Urban Development Council has created a new urban commerce park on some reclaimed waterfront land. A new commercial park called the Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park has officially opened and offers both the public and commercial developers a beautiful new location.

The Right Pipe Railing

The new park includes hundreds of feet of Kee Lite Aluminum Pipe Railing. This modular aluminum railing forms a good-looking perimeter guardrail around the canal, making the environment safe for adults and children playing in the area. Aluminum pipe railing is especially resistant to corrosion and is a great solution when installing a railing in a water-rich environment. Its modularity made the railing easy to install. This safety railing was outfitted with additional infill panels to make the area safer for children.

Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Kee Lite Railing

A Park Transformation

This project has transformed a virtual wasteland into an urban commercial and activity center. The canal features a bicycle path, pedestrian trails, and fishing spots. Eventually, a pedestrian bridge will also be installed in this area. Below is a picture of the area as the development was beginning. The transformation of the area is astounding! Hopefully it will attract business and citizens for years to come!

Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Kee Lite Railing

If you are looking for the best pedestrian railing for your next urban development project, consider an OSHA-compliant railing made with Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings.

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