An Outdoor Railing System Good Enough for the National Park Service

Outdoor Railing at Vernal Falls

When it comes to an outdoor railing system that has stood the test of time and elements, nothing beats Outdoor Railing System at Vernal Falls

Keeping visitors to the National Park safe is an important priority, and pipe railing made with Kee Klamp allows people to get close to the edge without the danger of a fall. Finding a railing made with Kee Klamp in a location like Yosemite honors the railing system on a number of different points:

Durability & Corrosion Resistance - The railing has been installed on a trail that receives moisture on a permanent basis. Each year it is buried under the snow and all spring and summer it is flooded with mist from the falls. As you can see from the pictures the railing is in excellent condition. Add to this the fact that the park is visited by millions of visitors every year and you can see what we call this railing system durable and corrosion resistant!

Modular & Easy to Install - I personally hiked this trail to get to where this railing is located. It was not easy! It was up about 400 ft. of vertical and about a mile outside of where any truck could reach. The railings modular design makes it possible to easily transport the materials to the building site and simple to install. Once the posts are mounted in the concrete, the only tool that is required is a basic allen wrench.

Easy to Repair - Because the sections are modular, the railing can easily be repaired if there is excessive damage from ice or some other reason. Unlike welded railing, sections can easily be replaced.

Outdoor Railing Close Up at Vernal Falls

Undoubtedly the National Park Service uses the railing for these characteristics. If you're climbing up the side of a mountain to install a railing, you want to do it as infrequently as possible!

Rock Attachment

Outdoor Railing System

Whether you are installing a simple outdoor railing for your porch or a full blown railing system for a water treatment plant, Kee Klamp gets the job done with the kind of characteristics that you need in a railing system.



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