Two Desk Designs for the Music Maker

A desk made of Kee Klamp means that you can achieve customization at a reasonable cost. Our customers have been using fittings for years to create unique desks that meet the requirements of their work and space.

Music composition requires a special set of equipment that doesn't always fit on a run-of-the-mill desk. Recently a couple of our customers tackled the task of building a special desk to support their music composition equipment.

Simple Yet Stylish Keyboard & Composition Desk

Keyboard Composition Desk

This desk was built with Kee Lite aluminum fittings and distressed pipe to give the desk a unique industrial flair. The desktop was set down into the top structure to emphasize the gritty lines of the pipe.

Keyboard Composition Desk

The entire desk was built at counter top height to facilitate the use of stools (much better than chairs for playing guitars and other instruments). The desk was also has substantial length to support the keyboard, computer and an open workspace.

Ultimate Recording Center with Tuck Away Keyboard

Ultimate Recording Desk - Front View

Matt based his multimedia and recording desk on the ergonomic computer desk that I built years ago. However, instead of putting a computer keyboard on the adjustable tray, he built a shelf for his musical keyboard. This feature allows him to tuck the keyboard under the desk when it is not in use.

Ultimate Recording Desk - Front View

Matt cut his own desktop into a custom shape to accommodate the equipment that he wanted to place onto the desk. You can read more about Matt's desk via his article in our projects area.

Here's a bit of what Matt had to say about his desk:

I made my desk sit a lot higher than other store-bought desks I've sat at before because my arms always fatigue while typing or controlling a mouse on a desk that is a lower height, even though I'm not that tall of a person. There is also a slide out tray for a keyboard controller and there's plenty of space for my software controllers and music gear on top with cutouts on the rear left and rear right for speaker stands.

See the ergonomic desk project for a complete list of fittings and technique that would be used to build this desk.

Build a desk yourself or consult with our projects team about building your own desk on a base of pipe and fittings.

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