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My desk is an ergonomic design of my own that suited my workspace and needs. It has an unusual shape, but when all of the equipment is in place, the shape is understood. I made my desk sit a lot higher than other store-bought desks I've sat at before because my arms always fatigue while typing or controlling a mouse on a desk that is a lower height, even though I'm not that tall of a person. There is also a slide out tray for a keyboard controller and there's plenty of space for my software controllers and music gear on top with cutouts on the rear left and rear right for speaker stands. Desk Dimensions: Width - 6' Depth - 3' Height - 2' 8" I did use materials from your site, but I'm sure of the part numbers, sorry. I don't know if online sketch tools existed when I built this desk in June 2009. I drew it all drawn by hand.

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