Pipe and Fittings in Contemporary Restaurant Design

It's a marriage made in architectural heaven.

Pipe and fittings go together like peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, and water with a twist of lemon. Once reserved as the right and left hand tools of scaffold builders, today, pipe and fittings are emerging as one of the hottest industrial trends to hit the contemporary restaurant design scene.

Take a look below at how the bold, ingenious design team Outline transformed Bangalore Express Restaurant in South London using the wildly versatile pipe and fittings duo.

Controlled Industrial Aesthetic

restaurant dividers

Notice how the simple - yet brilliant - arrangement of pipe and fitting ladders and focal boxes redefine each space into a separate area, while still maintaining a sense of cohesion throughout the restaurant. Also, observe how the pipe and fitting focal boxes and ladders naturally command your eye to follow the pattern from one side of the restaurant to the other. This feat could never be accomplished with wood, as the natural material would just blend into the floor and booths. The too-much-wood arrangement would just make the dark green paint the offsetting decorative accent piece that would (yawn) dominate your ocular focus throughout the space.

Essentially Effortless Function

pipe and fittings ladders

Examine how the pipe and fittings easily come together to create the uber-sturdy ladders and handrails. All the team at Outline had to do was insert the right-sized fitting into each pipe section, and then secure the pieces to the wall. Yes, it really was that simple. Think about how many nails the Outline team would have had to use to make these out of wood. Better yet, estimate how many welds it would have taken to accomplish this design throughout the space? Now, see how easy, practical and visually advantageous it is to use pipe and fittings to make a bland dining space a spectacular culinary experience.

Flawless Form

contemporary restaurant

Look at the smile on that waitress! She knows that her body, and her life, is secured by the almost indestructible pipe and fittings materials secured to the walls. The proof is in the picture: pipe and fittings for contemporary restaurant design are the practical, flawless forms that stand up to the hustle and the bustle of the hospitality industry.

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