45+ Office Desk Ideas You Can Build Yourself!

A well-designed desk can make the workday pass much more comfortably. Whether it’s one that offers more storage or surface area, or a standing desk that can relieve pressure on your back, it’s possible to build a desk using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe that suits your needs and delivers beautiful results.

Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are ideal for building desk frames because of their durable and versatile design. As you’ll see, there’s no limit to the kind of structure you can create.

In this article, we’ll cover six different types of desks that you can build with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, including:

  • Simple desks
  • Standing desks
  • L-shaped desks
  • Wall-mounted desks
  • Specialized desks
  • Unique desks

By the end, you’ll hopefully be closer to knowing what kind of desk you want and how to go about building it. Let’s get to it:

Simple Desks

Sometimes, the best thing to get the job done is also the easiest. Fortunately, simple doesn’t have to be boring. These desks feature straightforward but striking designs.


Simple Desk 1

Kee Klamp customer Jim built this space-saving desk using a piece of live edge wood. Thanks to their limitless design options, Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are a logical choice for table and desktops made of unusually shaped wood. The low-key style of the pipe and fittings also allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine.


Simple Desk 2

Another way to give a simple desk more personality is to mix and match the color of the desktop, pipes, and fittings. Justin’s desk stands out due to his use of a dark brown butcher block top, black pipes, and silver fittings. If he ever wants to switch up the look, he can change out the desktop with a piece of different colored wood in a similar size.


Simple Desk 3

A glass top is another option for jazzing up a simple desk. Rebekah, the Kee Klamp customer behind this creation, also painted the pipes and fittings an oil rubbed bronze, which gives the desk a sophisticated style. Two bars going across the bottom help hold the printer and offer Rebekah a spot to prop her feet.


Simple Desk 4

Adam is another Kee Klamp customer who decided to pair silver fittings with black pipes for his desk. This offers a striking accent and helps the desk stand out. A blonde piece of butcher block offers a clean and crisp desktop that complements the pipes and fittings. Adam was also able to adjust the height of the support bars so that they don’t block the wall outlet.


Simple Desk 5

This desk has a glass top that puts the spotlight on the black pipes, silver fittings, and unusual Z-frame design, which is available in a table frame kit. Simply input the desired desk depth, width, and height before placing your order. Get in touch with our design team for project assistance if you’d like to build a desk with silver fittings and black pipe.


Simple Desk 6

Kee Klamp customer Dan built this desk using a table frame kit similar to this basic model. The kit allowed him to build a desk that perfectly fits his condo. He paired the kit with a kitchen countertop from IKEA, which is both durable and budget-friendly. The silver pipes and fittings let the beautiful blonde wood take center stage.


Simple Desk 7

Gather together four simple desks and you’ve got yourself a fully-fledged coworking space. Like the desk that Dan built for his condo, these desks use basic table frame kits and wood desktops. Since you can readjust the placement of Kee Klamp fittings as many times as you need, you can reposition the lower bar to let an office chair slide under the desk.


Simple Desk 8

Want to keep things really simple? Take an existing desk and reinforce it with Kee Lite fittings and pipe. Kee Lite fittings are made of aluminum, so they’re about half the weight of steel Kee Klamp fittings. They also have a more streamlined style that doesn’t overpower the look of this wooden desk.

Standing Desks

Standing desks can offer much-needed relief for your back and knees. These standing desk examples show that there are plenty of design options.


Alec Thurman Standing Desk

Alec built this desk to stand at or sit at with a bar stool. The most striking feature of this desk are the maple butcher block countertops that he dyed a deep blue and sealed with polyurethane. The extra work surface next to the main desktop adds a nice touch. The caster wheels on the bottom of the feet let Alec move the desk as needed.


Scott Andrews Standing Desk

This standing desk is the second one that Kee Klamp customer Scott has built with a table frame kit. This particular desk uses a basic table frame kit with the support bar positioned to one side instead of the middle. Scott loves the positive effect standing at his desk has had on his back and knees, and he’s even lost a few pounds!


Robert Sanford Standing Desk

Robert built this standing desk to fit a specific nook in his home. He loved the design flexibility and the ability to maximize the space he had. Plus, this custom desk isn’t short on style. The rich brown desktop complements the wall color, while the silver fittings draw attention to the black frame. Caster wheels on the feet make it easy to move the desk at a moment’s notice.


Standing Desk 5

Jeff built this standing desk with an extra support bar on the bottom so he can prop his feet whether sitting or standing. He used Size 8 pipe and fittings to give the desk a slightly beefier style, but you could build a desk that’s just as sturdy with Size 6 pipe and fittings. Smaller pipe and fittings can also help cut back on project costs.


John Bush Standing Desk

Many standing desks have a sleek and simple design, but Kee Klamp customer John wanted one with plenty of storage. He added black fittings and pipe to a more traditional desktop, bringing it up to standing height. There are two sliding trays, two drawers, and a cabinet. He even made a matching desk to sit at on the other side of the room.


Standing Desk 6

Not sure if you want a standing desk, a sitting desk, or both? A desk with adjustable height might be the best choice. While adjusting the height of the desk is not an instantaneous process, it’s still nice to have the option available. Pair this adjustable height table frame kit with an IKEA GERTON tabletop and assemble your new desk in as little as an afternoon.


Standing Desk 7

If you want an adjustable height desk without any of the actual adjusting, opt for this combination standing and sitting design. Bobby built this desk with reclaimed barn wood, which helps balance out the industrial look of the pipes and fittings. The angled supports for the standing section of the desk are a creative choice and add visual interest.


Standing Desk 8

If you want a desk that can accommodate both standing and sitting, consider building a small addition for an existing desk. In this case, the existing desk is a corner desk made with Kee Klamp fittings that belongs to Chris. The addition sits on top of the main desk and holds Chris’s computer monitor with Rail Support fittings.

L-Shaped Desks

For those who need a little extra surface area at their work station, an L-shaped desk in the answer. You can push it into the corner to keep the floor open, or position it with one arm of the desk facing out to create a defined office space.


L Frame 1

As this desk demonstrates, L-shaped desks provide plenty of space to display more than one monitor. The sturdy construction of Kee Klamp fittings and pipe gives you peace of mind when installing a monitor mount. In this instance, the black pipes match the existing black decor in the room.


L Shaped 2

Get the best of both worlds with this L-shaped desk that is also a standing desk. It features a trio of shelves off to the side for essential storage and an extra bar across the bottom that can hold boxes or a printer. The dark brown desktop also looks great with the decorative wood detailing on the wall.


L Shaped 3

When pushed into a corner, an L-shaped desk can free up floor space while still offering plenty of room on the desktop. This desk’s black pipes blend in with the black filing cabinet stowed underneath, providing essential storage. Richly stained reclaimed wood adds stylish contrast to the black detailing.


L Shaped 4

You might recognize this desk from the standing desk addition listed earlier. Before building that project, Chris built this L-shaped desk to fit against a slanted wall. Note the unusual angle where the two sides of the desk meet. Chris was able to make the most of the room he had and even added a second shelf beneath the angled corner.


L Shaped 5

An L-shaped desk like this one is perfect for engineers, architects, or designers who want to swivel between their computer and blueprints or schematics. You can spread out several documents and still not feel cluttered or overwhelmed at your workstation. A filing cabinet stowed beneath the desk offers extra storage.


L Shaped 6

Here’s another example of an L-shaped standing desk. One of the highlights of this desk is the green desktop and floating shelves, which stylishly store the computer towers while giving them plenty of ventilation. Even with six monitors, two keyboards, and a laptop, there’s still ample surface area to spread out supplies.


L Shaped 7

This heavy-duty L-shaped desk could double as a workbench. The Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are strong enough to hold up almost any desktop, including this extra-long counter. A hole cut in the corner of the desk gives you a handy place to slip power cords, whether they’re for computers or other tools.


L Shaped 8

Though it doesn’t have an L-shaped desktop, the L-shape of this frame fits snuggly into the corner of a room that’s short on space. The desk is big enough to stow a computer tower and plastic drawers beneath it. This design is an ingenious solution for someone with a small work area.

Wall-Mounted Desks

Short on space? A wall-mounted desk is an ideal option for minimalists and people who want to cut down on clutter. They’re also easy to assemble; many wall-mounted desks only require Swivel Flange fittings, a few pieces of pipe, and the desktop.


Wall Mounted 1

Micah built this floating desk to fit into the corner of a room. The edge of the desk is slightly longer than the window but still allows plenty of natural light to come in. To create the same design, all you’ll need are four Swivel Flange fittings and two pieces of pipe. A plank mounted to the wall beneath the desktop offers extra support.


Wall Mounted 2

Travis built this wall-mounted standing desk to reduce clutter in his office. Unlike Micah’s design, Travis only used two Swivel Flange fittings. Planks along the length and the side of the desktop provide enough stability with one angled support. This gives the desk a streamlined appearance and helps Travis cut down on clutter.


Wall Mounted 3

This wall-mounted desk features a combination of angled supports and a support that runs from the desktop to the floor. The floor-mounted support doubles as a shelf for the computer tower, which keeps it off the floor and gives it necessary ventilation. Caleb built the desktop out of sheets of UV-coated birch glued into a 1 1/2-inch thick piece.


Wall Mounted 4

Ryan needed to build a desk for a small space without legs in the way. He loved that it was sturdy enough to hold what he needed and had an industrial style.

Note the plank mounted near the bottom of the wall. This gives the bottom Swivel Flange fittings a strong mounting surface, although depending on where your studs are it’s not always necessary.


Wall Mounted 5

Jason painted the pipes green on this wall-mounted desk to match the orange and green walls. If you’re interested in doing something similar, you can always order Kee Klamp fittings and pipe powder coated in the color of your choice. Powder coating offers a durable finish and saves you time during project construction.


Wall Mounted 6

Katharine needed a way to mount an 8-foot long, 106-pound countertop without having legs that go all the way to the floor for support. She agreed that Kee Klamp fittings and pipe were the best choice. Powder coating the pipes and fitting with a dark gray color complements the sophisticated stain of the countertop.


Wall Mounted 7

Nate built this wall-mounted desk for his computer and printer in a kitchen where space is at a premium. He mounted the desk flush with the cabinet and chose wood to match, which gives the final product a seamless style. Mounting the desk on the wall comes with the bonus of making it easier to mop the floors since there aren’t any legs in the way.


Wall Mounted 8

No rule says the Swivel Flange fittings have to be mounted beneath the desktop. This wall-mounted desk has the supports above the desktop to give it the appearance of a hanging shelf. The long and narrow construction of this desk makes it easy for three or more people to sit at once, making it an ideal choice for larger families or coworking spaces.

Specialized Desks

Sometimes a standard desk just won’t cut it. You need something designed to accommodate a specific purpose or project. These specialized desks hit the mark for educators, gamers, musicians, and more.


Unique 1 1

Thom is both an IT specialist and a computer science teacher. He needed a desk that would serve both purposes while looking stylish and professional. He created this customized desk using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, and it ticks all the boxes. He’s able to work on projects one minute and visit with students the next.


Unique 4 1

Don created this one-of-a-kind desk specifically for gaming. Don built the frame from Kee Lite fittings and aluminum pipe, which are more lightweight than Kee Klamp fittings but still tough as nails. The frame supports the chair, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, while the computer tower sits next to it and holds a footrest.


Specialized 3

A customer built this customized desk for his home studio. He made the desktop from a reclaimed barn door and tinkered with the Kee Klamp fittings to give them an aged finish. Some of the fittings on the desktop can be rotated out so that he can access the back of the rack gear. Being able to access all aspects of his audio equipment was key to a successful build.


Specialized 4

For someone who needs extra surface area and then some, look no further. This massive U-shaped desk lets you work at a computer one minute, spread out documents the next, and hold meetings without ever having to clear a space.

Tyson, the builder behind this desk, is an IT director and needed space to stage and troubleshoot devices. The design is straightforward but still tough enough to get any job done.


U Desk 1

Here’s another example of the U-shaped desk in action. Art built this scaled-down version for his office. There’s still enough surface area to spread out on, all while being compact enough to fit into a smaller room. Blonde wood helps the room looking bright and more open than if he had opted for a darker desktop.


Specialized 6

Britton made this desk to accommodate a piano keyboard, recording equipment, and a monitor. The most unique addition is the attached microphone support that Britton can swivel when needed. The pipes for the microphone stand have a smaller diameter than the pipes on the rest of the desk, so Britton used a multi-sized Single Socket Tee fitting to connect the two.


Specialized 7

Nate made this sitting or standing desk with an attached conference table. He can work at his desk one minute, then swivel over the monitor and hold a meeting at the table. The conference table is shorter than the desk area so that visitors can sit comfortably. It’s an excellent example of form and function working together.


Unique 1

Get extra work surfaces when you need them, then store them when you don’t. That’s the philosophy behind this desk with swing-out and fold-out shelves. Even when the surfaces are stowed, there are three more shelves above the monitor to store whatever supplies you need. This desk is fairly intricate, so if you want to recreate it, be sure to get in touch with our design team

Unique Desks

Whether they have an unusual desktop or clever shelving placement, all of these desks are unique.



Kee Klamp fittings and pipe instantly transform an old door into an eye-catching desk. The glass panes, doorknob, and curtain rod add a few interesting elements. To create a flat surface for the mouse and monitor, the builder used scrap pieces of granite or marble and positioned them on top of the door.


Unique 2

Love the look of floating shelves? This desk floats shelves on top of 90° Elbow fittings and Three Socket Tee fittings. A Malleable Plug fitting above the 90° Elbow fitting adds an interesting visual element. The rest of the design is fairly simple and allows the beauty of the stain to shine.


Unique 3

Jamie built this desk and shelf combo because he wanted something that freed up room to walk and looked nicer than the desk he already had. He loves how durable the fittings are and that the desk can hold up to the roughhousing of two young children. The desk also adds character to the room and displays plenty of photos, not just office supplies.


Unique 4

Donna built this unique standing desk with the help of our design team. She wanted something that was both beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed to take the pressure off the nerves in her neck and arms. The result was this desk, which comes with six extra shelves for storage and caster wheels on the bottom.


Unique 5

Peter created this desk with adjustable shelves. Thanks to the design of Kee Klamp fittings, you can easily loosen the screws and reposition the fittings as needed. This gives you flexibility when choosing the position of your shelves. To top it off, Peter used new wood and varnished it himself.


Unique 6

The highlight of this rustic desk is the reclaimed wood used on the desktop. Gregg mixed and matched pieces of hardwood found through a local salvage company. He mounted the finished desktop to a basic table frame kit.


Unique 7

This desk is made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes. To save money, bowling alleys will only use maple for the first few feet of the lane where the ball lands, then use pine for the rest of the lane. If you want to make your own bowling alley lane desk, be sure to use the wood made from maple.


Unique 8

Linda built this desk using reclaimed wood, black pipe, and fittings. The black pipe and fittings provide a nice contrast to the wood, and they’re easy to order painted with our powder coating service. For a final touch, Linda put a piece of tempered glass on top.

It’s Time to Build Your Perfect Office Desk

Ready to build your own desk? Whether you want something simple like a wall-mounted desk or a beefier design that can cater to your every need, Kee Klamp fittings and pipe can bring your idea to life.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to get started. Our design team has perfected the art of helping Kee Klamp customers take their projects from dream to reality. Get in touch today and you’ll have your new desk in no time!

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