DIY Industrial Pipe Desk with Adjustable Shelves

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When it came time to buy a new desk for his office, Peter knew that there was no need to limit himself to what was available in stores. With Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, his options were limited only by his imagination.

Kee Klamp fittings and pipe offer strength, ease, and versatility to help you build the perfectly sized solution for your space. But don’t assume this means you have to stick to the fitting’s default industrial style.

Peter’s desk proves that you can easily transform Kee Klamp fittings and pipe from industrial to classic, all with just a little paint and wood stain. His desk also features adjustable shelves, providing more flexibility than most store-bought wooden desks.

In this article, we’ll cover the exact specifications and fittings Peter used to build his desk. We’ll also share a few helpful diagrams to illustrate how to use each fitting.

Let’s get started:

Peter’s Industrial Pipe Desk Project Details

As stated above, the base of Peter’s desk is made out of Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. Here are the exact specifications he used to build it:

“The pipe frame is 17" wide by 7'5" long with a 2' shelf on one side for the printer, making the entire length 9' 8-1/2". The desk’s top is 30" tall.”

You can paint the fittings and pipe black like Peter’s, but note that painting galvanized steel requires special prep work and paint. We recommend taking a look at this how-to article before you begin. Alternatively, we also offer a powder-coating service.

A useful feature of this pipe frame design are the adjustable shelves. The Single Socket Tee fittings, like all Kee Klamp fittings, have set screws that secure the fittings into place. These screws have the same strength as a welded joint but can be tightened multiple times, allowing you to adjust the height of your shelves as needed.

industrial pipe desk with shelves plans 003

When it came to selecting building material for the top and shelves, Peter wanted to use new wood yet stay within a budget. His solution achieved a high dollar look without breaking the bank:

“I purchased the wood from Menards. I didn't want to spend a huge amount for this, so I got an 18" by 8' board that was laminated together, pine or fir. Then I glued two additional 3-1/2" boards on both sides, making it a 25" desk top. I also trimmed the front of the top with some rough sawn 3-1/2" that I ripped in half.” 

If you want to increase the conversation factor of your project even more, consider using reclaimed materials like bowling alley lanes or an upcycled door.

industrial pipe desk with shelves 002

Perhaps the most essential but labor-intensive part of this project is staining and sealing the wood. This is important because it protects the wood from general wear-and-tear but also highlights the wood’s natural grain.

“We found a stain we liked and applied many coats of varnish, sanding between all coats (not the funnest thing to do).”

If you’re new to staining and sealing wood, we recommend taking a look at this guide to finishing for first-timers before getting started. The entire process can be time consuming but the final product is sure to be beautiful and last for years.

Fittings for the Industrial Pipe Desk

Here are all the fittings and pipe you’ll need to build an industrial pipe desk based on Peter’s design.


Peter’s desk aligns perfectly beneath the windows and is just the right depth for the adjacent wall.

If you like the overall look but need slightly different specifications for your space, we suggest getting in touch with our team for free design assistance. Our team can modify the dimensions of Peter’s desk so that you can purchase the exact length of pipe you need.

Steps to Building the Industrial Pipe Desk

industrial pipe desk with shelves plans 001

Below, we’ve also listed how each fitting is used in order to make assembling your own desk that much easier:

  • 61-6 Flange: Each of the eight Flange fittings secure the wood top to the pipe frame.
  • 10-6 Single Socket Tee: Pass the vertical pipe through the Single Socket Tee fittings to begin creating your shelf supports. Remember that the set screw is adjustable, so you can change the height of your shelves as needed.
  • 20-6 Side Outlet Elbow: Use a Side Outlet Elbow as a corner joint at the front of each of the two bottom shelves.
  • 15-8 90° Elbow: Use both Elbow fittings to create the floating shelf supports for the printer.
  • 35-6 Three Socket Cross: Use a Three Socket Cross at the back of each of the two bottom shelves, with a horizontal pipe attaching it to the Side Outlet Elbow.
  • 73-6 Fixing Pad: Stabilize each shelf by attaching it to the horizontal pipes using four of the Fixing Pads.

industrial pipe desk with shelves plans 002

By now, you should have a pipe frame desk just like the one that Peter built.

Get Started Building Your Own Industrial Pipe Desk

We hope you’re dreaming up the different styles you can achieve with a pipe frame desk of your own. With Kee Klamp fittings and a little imagination, you’re free to create a project that is as industrial or as classic as you like.

Want to build a desk but haven’t quite found the right design yet? Our desks and tables project section has 100+ DIY guides, including this standing desk with silver accents and dark wood stain.

Don’t let a lack of ideas or construction know-how get in the way of building your own personalized desk. Our experienced team offers free design assistance and has helped countless customers bring their unique project to life.

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