The Best Multi-Tier Clothing Racks

Warehouse Multi Tiered Clothing Racks

So, you’re looking for a clothing rack?

But not just any clothing rack. You need to maximize the space in your store by stacking your merchandise with multiple tiers.

You’ve seen 1,001 different options bombard your google search and choosing the right one feels overwhelming.

Don’t worry. There is a better option. Using pipe and fittings will tick the boxes you need to start or level up your business. Versatile? Heavy-duty? Attractive? Easy-to-use?

Check times four please!

Let me explain.

A Multi-Tier Clothing Rack that Shapes to Your Needs

Corner Tiered Clothing Racks

Most clothing racks come as they are and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If design changes need to happen, and changes often do need to happen, then you could be out of luck. If the clothing rack doesn’t fit the new design, you need to return the rack...if you can. Then you have to buy a new one.

This takes extra money and additional time...which is also extra money.

Pipe and fittings can be altered and customized after the design has been set in place and you’ve received your racks. No more worries about angling that one rack so it looks less weird in the new corner. Cut the pipe to fit the new size and voila.

Quick caveat – I'm not talking about threaded pipe and fittings. Threaded pipe will make the project more restrictive, and you’ll want exact measurements that don’t change. If you cut the pipe, you lose the threading.

However, our set screw fittings don’t have this issue.

Design Modularity at its Finest

Sometimes the location that’s available for your shop is not shaped in a traditional way. This can certainly add character to your store, but it also makes finding multi-tier clothing racks more difficult. Odd angles and short corners can be an issue.

Not so with pipe and fittings. There is a plethora of fittings available for designing the multi-tiered rack that’s going to highlight your product and maximize your space.

These fittings allow you to modify your multi-tiered racks between bays in the same row. In one bay you can have 3 rows of hanging clothes. The next bay could be two rows for larger items. You can include multiple shelves. Or...I think you get the idea.

You are not limited to pre-designed, cookie cutter clothing rack solutions.

Heavy-Duty Multi-Tiered Clothing Racks

Bike Jacket Tiered Clothing Racks

Have you ever walked into a store and found a clothing rack bent under the weight of clothing?

Maybe you grabbed an article of clothing off a rack only to have it fall on you.

As a customer, this leaves an impression. Sometimes this is subconscious, and this incident is what a customer associates with this business, even across multiple locations.

As an owner, you can avoid this liability by ensuring you have racks that can properly support your product. High-quality pipe and fittings can create the clothing racks that can do this for you.

This is especially important when you’re dealing with multi-tiered clothing racks. The higher the hanging point, the higher the center of gravity. This means that the clothing rack is easier to knock or fall over.

Steel pipe and fittings can mount to a wall to save space or be free standing to create aisles in your store or warehouse. If you have a large amount of clothing to store in your warehouse, then using our industrial strength, multi-tiered clothing racks will bring the stability and longevity to do so with peace.

Tiered Retail Displays that Show Off Your Wares

Yoga Clothing Store Tiered Racks

Adaptability and durability only add so much to your store’s brand. It’s important to include functionality and display.

The industrial look is becoming more popular. It communicates ruggedness, strength, and longevity. You can use these attributes to help you communicate your brand as well.

However, if you don’t want the rugged look of steel, but still want the strength and longevity, then you can paint or powder coat the steel. Using your brand colors to do this will allow you to show off your style while keeping those tiers of clothing safely stored.

However, using pipe and fittings for your multi-tiered clothing racks means that you can show off your merchandise in a variety of ways.

You can add front facing hangers to your clothing rack posts to highlight specific clothing. You can add shelves to group related items together or include folded clothing to your rack.

Multi-Tiered Clothing Racks that Are Easy to Use

Tiered Clothing Racks for Kids Clothes

You can have high-quality multi-tiered clothing racks without having to use a welder or carpenter.

Our pipe and fittings are easy to use. It’s like Lego for adults. All you need is an Allen key.

The only other tools you may need are a hammer drill for mounting into concrete or a pipe cutter for making on the fly customizations.

Because there is no welding or pipe threading with our clothing racks, these customizations are straightforward and don’t compromise the integrity of your clothing rack. Double check with our specialist if you want to make large modifications to ensure the best result.

What happens when you need to move, rearrange, or grow your space?

That’s the beauty of this system. You can take it with you. When your business grows, you can change the layout or easily add on to what exists.

Our multi-tiered clothing racks will adjust with your inventory, and you can make these adjustments. No special contractors required.

Helpful Questions When Designing Your Multi-Tiered Clothing Racks

Building Multi-Tiered Clothing Racks

Once you’ve decided to use pipe and fittings for your clothing racks, there are a few things for you to think about. Here are some questions for you to answer to help make the design process more accurate and efficient.

What is it that you want to hang?

This is obvious, but important. There is a big difference between motorcycle jackets and kids’ clothes. Also, the height of the item will matter. Gowns may take up a whole bay with a single row, while t-shirts can use 2 or 3 rows.

How much space do you want to fill?

You can have a rack that fills the wall from floor to ceiling. Or, you may prefer to have some space above your clothing rack to help your location feel more open. Also, you’ll want to know if you want the racks to cover the wall from end to end or in specific spaces.

What, if anything, can you attach the clothing racks to?

If you can mount, it is better to do so. This would be the wall or the ceiling. If you have another idea of what to attach your racks to, then let us know. If you can’t do either, that’s not the end of the road. Let us know what your limitations are so we can help you find the right solution.

How much space do you want between your clothing racks?

If you are creating adjacent rows of clothing racks, then you’ll want to consider how wide you want your aisle to be.  When you do this, make sure to think about your racks with clothes hanging on them. Our expert, Nate Haley, says a good rule is 5 feet between the hanging racks. With clothes on the rack, this should give about a 36-inch aisle. This does depend on what you’re hanging.

Do you want the clothing rack to be self-standing or wall mounted?

This is where you want your clothing racks. Answer this question for each of your clothing racks. Wall-mounted can save you on material. Self-standing can offer a double-sided clothing rack. Self-standing clothing racks can be designed to be non-penetrating, but we advise that you mount them onto the floor at every opportunity.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right multi-tier clothing rack does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. You can have all of it. Strength. Flexibility. Aesthetics.

Our clothing racks will grow as you grow. It’s a system that offers a permanent solution without permanent consequences.

Imagine what you want, then contact our experts to see how we can help you make it come to life.

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