Clothing Rack for Small Spaces

two tier clothing rack

What do you do if you don’t have a lot of space but need a clothing rack for display?

This was the dilemma that one of our customers faced when they were looking to display new clothing in their store.

In this article we will discuss the challenge our customer had, the solution our team came up with, and how you can implement it for your own future projects.


Making the Most of Your Space

Our customer, Debbie, has an established retail store with aisles and other displays and was looking to find a way to display more clothing, but she only had limited space. 

Debbie wanted a double tiered clothing rack that would make the most of her limited horizontal space and take advantage of the vertical space. It also needed to be sturdy enough within that limited space to hold a lot of clothing. 

Researching for clothing racks that would best fit her vision was quite the online journey, and in her search, she found Simplified Building.

Debbie got connected with our designer Nate and discussed her situation and what dreams she had for her clothing rack. Nate was given examples of different clothing racks that Debbie found while researching (shown above) and she also referenced a couple of clothing rack kits that we offer on our site.

He presented different examples and designs to fit all her requests and eventually landed on the best solution for her situation.


Adjustable Retail Clothing Rack

Nate designed this adjustable double tiered clothing rack from our pipe and fittings system.

Knowing the space limitations, Nate created this clothing rack that is a 4 x 4 square base to fit within the horizontal parameters. He also made it adjustable both vertically and horizontally to make the most of the space and so that it can be easily modified if Debbie needed to move the clothing rack to a smaller or larger space.

Debbie was so appreciative that Nate was able to work with her and designed a clothing rack that not just met but exceeded her expectations.


Simple Design, Simple Installation

two tier free standing clothing rack

Debbie had her new clothing rack assembled in no time. The modular pipe and fittings system makes assembly and installation a breeze.

With just a couple people, she had her new clothing rack assembled and on the showroom floor ready for display in just a couple hours.

Debbie was overjoyed with the simplicity of the assembly and was thankful her and her team could easily do it themselves.


Clothing Rack Kit You Can Purchase Today

Now if you’ve seen this clothing rack and thought to yourself, “Wow I wish I could order one of those!”. Well, I have great news for you… you can!


  • Height: 77"
  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 48"


What's included:

Allen key and all pipe and fittings

This clothing rack is designed for a 3 x 3 square space, a little smaller than what was designed for our customer, but this is adjustable and can be modified with longer pipe to fit a 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6… and so on, but then it’s no longer really a small space anymore, is it?

This kit comes included with a long list of the necessary tools to assemble it:

  • Allen Key

I promise this isn’t a prank, that’s it, that’s all you need to assemble this clothing rack.

Now there can be a little more to it depending on if you plan to mount this rack to the ground. In which case you will need a drill to do that. Additionally, if you have a drill with different hex key attachments then you can assemble your new clothing rack quicker.

This clothing rack kit is perfect for smaller spaces in your store, or if you’re wanting to conserve space on your showroom floor by using this rack to display lots of clothing in one space and have room for different displays you have.


In Review

Debbie had a very specific situation that needed the right clothing rack to solve her problem. Nate and our pipe and fittings system were able to meet and exceed all her needs.

If you are looking for similar types of clothing rack kits that you can order today, please check out our clothing racks page with multiple different premade kits.

And if you have design plans for your own custom clothing rack. Contact our team who would love to assist you with your plans and help get you started on your new project!

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