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Your backroom storage and warehouse are the crux of your business. It’s where you store your next apparel drop, your next seasonal clothing line, or simply most of your inventory.  

You’ve got all this space, but what do you do with it? How do you make the most of it? 

We here at Simplified Building have helped hundreds of business owners outfit their storage spaces with the best custom industrial clothing racks. We provide a clothing rack solution that is durable to hold all your inventory and easy enough to customize before, during, and after installation. 

In this article, I want to walk you through designing and customizing your new clothing rack to maximize your storage space. 


Making the Most of Your Storage Space

How do we go about making the most of your backroom or warehouse storage? We want to help you utilize every square inch of your storage room so that you can store the most amount of inventory in an efficient way.  

Whether that’s with wall-mounted floor to ceiling clothing racks, or two-tier clothing racks that line the floorplan of your warehouse creating endless aisles of organized inventory. 

With our modular pipe and fittings clothing racks, we can design custom industrial clothing racks that will maximize your storage capabilities. 


Design Your New Industrial Clothing Rack

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Let’s begin designing your new storage clothing racks. This will require the measurements, layout, and vision for the storage space. 

Starting out with the measurements, this is as simple as having the length, width, and height of your storage room. Any basic blueprint plans help to get an understanding of the dimensions of the space we will be working in. 

Next, the layout. This kind of combines the measurements and vision aspects. What does the room look like? Are there low ceilings? Support beams? Or anything else within the floor plan of your backroom or warehouse? This will help us craft the vision of your storage space with you as we move on to designing.  

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Since I mentioned vision, let’s talk about it. This is your business, and we want to work with you to create the best clothing rack solution for you and your business to thrive. We want this to be a partnership. We will work with you and figuring out the best style and layout of your storage room that you envision. Do you want clothing racks that form aisles, wall-mounted ones that surround the perimeter of the backroom, or a combination of both? 

All of this is meant to help create the best system to make the most of your space that you are happy and proud to have in your business. 


How to Customize Commercial Clothing Racks 

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Now it’s time to configure and customize your clothing rack.  

This is where the engineering of Kee Klamp comes into play. With our Kee Klamp systems, we can customize a clothing rack to fit any backroom or warehouse. We want to make the most of your storage space, and with our adjustable height and length clothing racks, we can make that a reality.  

Using the dimensions, layout, and vision we’ve discussed with you, we can then create a series of clothing racks to outfit your storage space.   

commercial clothing racks

Thanks to Kee Klamp, we can adjust the height and length of your clothing rack as you need. For example, you’ve got your clothing rack installed, but you need to add another level to it because you just got an influx of inventory for your new summer line. What do you do?  

Well, with Kee Klamp you can add another tier to your clothing rack with just a couple of pipe and fittings. No need to order a whole new clothing rack when you can just add on to your existing one! 

This is true before and after you’ve installed it. If during the designing process you want to change how the clothing rack is configured, no problem! If you’ve installed your clothing rack and then a few weeks or months down the line you need to make a change, no problem! 

The versatility of our Kee Klamp clothing racks allows you to change and adjust your design at any time with zero hassle. 


Order Your New Clothing Rack Today  

So, how do you get yourself a new clothing rack today? 

This is where our project specialists come in. They have designed hundreds of clothing racks for all types of businesses. You can connect with them by filling out a simple contact form and they will reach out to you straight away and get started on the planning and designing of your new clothing racks! 


In Review 

A custom adjustable clothing rack will increase your storage capacity and bring about organization and peace of mind to your backroom. 

If you want to begin designing your new industrial clothing racks, contact our team today who would love to assist you as you maximize your business’s clothing storage.

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