Mountain Top Pipe Railing Installed in 1937!

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One of our readers recently took a trip to the Whiteface Mt. in the Adirondacks. They were delighted to find Kee Klamp pipe railing installed on top of the mountain. They were shocked even further when they asked a state conservation officer when the railing was installed.

I talked to the state conservation officer here and he told me that this system has been in place since 1937 according to his records. This was a CCC project just before WWII. Look at the condition of this fitting!!!! Great condition...even better than the painted schedule 40 pipe.

Whiteface Mt. Kee Klamp Pipe Railing

Another testament to the longevity of pipe railings built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Why install welded rail that involves complicated installation and will not last as long due to the loss of galvanization? Kee Klamp pipe railing is the perfect low-maintenance solution. In addition to durability, it's modular nature makes it perfect for installing "in the wild" where the transportation of welding equipment is entirely infeasible. Give our pipe railing section a look and find out how many different types of railings you can build with Kee Klamp!

Whiteface Mt. Kee Klamp Pipe Railing


Whiteface Mt. Kee Klamp Pipe Railing

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