Kee Klamp Railing on Erie Canal Bike Path [Case Study]

Canal Path kee Klamp Railing

One of the faults that you easily develop when selling a particular product is "product spotting". This is the insatiable desire to stop and examine the installation of a product that you sell. Well I'm guilty. A couple of weeks ago on a family bike ride I was captivated by an older install of kee klamp guardrail along the Erie Canal Bike Path.

Canal Path pedestrian Railing

This installation was an older install so it featured the railings durability. It had been painted yellow for visibility and there was not a spot of rust on the railing. Chipped paint yes.. rust no! The galvanization was doing its job. Learn more about the advantages of fittings over fabrication.

Canal Path kee Klamp Railing

Another notable thing about this railing was its configuration. It had several interesting dips and bends in it that would have been difficult to accomplish with welded rail. All of this was done to provide a greater level of safety for the people who were accessing the trail.

Canal Path kee Klamp Railing

Canal Path kee Klamp Railing

I should also mention that we were a pretty good distance from any main roads when I captured this photo. Taking a truck load of fittings and pipe out to the site must have been a lot easier than brining along all the resources necessary to weld a railing in the middle of nowhere.

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Learn more about Kee Klamp Industrial Railing by visiting our product page and by reading the other case studies on this blog.

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