Installing a Railing in a Remote Location

Railing in Remote Location

Building a railing in a remote location comes with it's own set of unique challenges. How will you get the railing there? How will you assemble it once you get it there? Will is last a long time in that location. Thankfully, if you need to build a railing in the wilderness or some other location, you can rely on Kee Klamp railing to answer these difficult questions.

A recent customer proved this when they built the railing pictured on a lighthouse island in the North Atlantic.

The Transport Problem

Kee Klamp Railings are Modular - Because the railing is modular, it can easily be broken down for transportation. This is especially important when installing something in a remote location. You're not going to carry a huge welded system into the wilderness. This particular railing was flown in via helicopter. The parts necessary could all be brought in a form that doesn't take up a ton of cargo space.

Railing Helicopter

The Installation Problem

Kee Klamp Pipe Railing is Easy to Install - Compared to other component or welded railing systems, Kee Klamp is the easiest to install. The fittings simply slip onto the pipe and are tightened down with a set screw. Pipe can be cut off site and brought to the location ready to install. The most difficult part of the railing installation is usually drilling holes to anchor the base flanges. In short, a minimal amount of tools, training and manpower is required to install one of these railings.

Railing on Lighthouse Island

The Durability Problem

Kee Klamp Pipe Railing is Fully Galvanized and Last Up To 7 Times Longer Than Welded Railing -If you are going to install a railing in a remote location you want it to last; for a really long time! Because of the modular nature of the railing, the galvanization remains intact. This means that the railing is going to last seven times longer than typical welded railing. Watch this short video to learn more about the superiority of Kee Klamp Pipe Railing:

Learn more about our modular pipe railing solutions on the pipe railing category page. We have a complete team of service professionals who can help you configure a railing that will be able to be installed quickly and easily in a remote location.

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