Industrial Design Living Room Made Entirely of Pipe

Custom furniture made from Kee Klamp pipe and fittings can most definitely create a unique, modern feel to your living room. The great thing about Kee Klamp pipe and fittings is how many options you’ll have to customize your living room furniture to fit your exact space and needs. If you’re on the lookout for a dash of inspiration regarding the layout of your living room, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve taken the time to compile some pretty awesome living room furniture projects so that you can get inspired, get planning, and get to assembling the living room you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s take a look!

The Coffee Table

A good place to start when putting together the layout of your living room is with the coffee table. It is, more often than not, the most noticeable and definitive part of your living room and can really tie a theme together. Take the following table for example:

Custom Coffee Table

The family that owns this one of a kind coffee table upcycled their old IKEA® table that was starting to show its age and lose most of its structural integrity. They took off the original legs of the table and replaced them with Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. That’s not the only thing to note about this charming table, however. The original IKEA® table top, believe it or not, was a flat white color. The family decided to use a process known as decoupage (an art form consisting of gluing paper to a surface) to create a tabletop that was unique to them and fit with the overall design of their living room.

If you’ve got a customized tabletop and you’re looking to create the perfect coffee table for your living room, feel free to take a look at our basic table frame kit which is the very same kit that is used in this project. You’d simply need to input the height, depth, and width of your tabletop into the required fields and we’ll take care of the rest! If this table isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We’ve also compiled a list of 45+ coffee table ideas built with pipe and fittings.

The Couch

Another staple of the modern table living room is the couch or sofa. There have been quite a few couches made out of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. If you’re looking for something to really set your living room apart from the rest, this just may be it. The best example of a couch constructed of structural pipe and fittings is the following:

Pipe Sofa

While this sofa was actually used as seating in a Miami coffee shop, there’s nothing stopping you from putting something like this together and making it a part of your living room’s one of a kind design. Crafting a sofa from Kee Klamp pipe and fittings also gives you the freedom and versatility to design a sofa as creative as you are. You are able to mold the dimensions to exactly what you’ll need to fit your living room space as well as be able to choose or design custom seat cushions. Overall, if you’re looking for a truly special sofa for your living room, this just may be what you’ve been looking for. You can read our article on this project titled “DIY Sofa Plans - How to Build a Sofa from Scratch” for more about this specific project and how to build it.

The Curtain Rod

Perhaps you’re not looking for something quite as complex as a sofa or as large a coffee table, but you’re still looking to give your living room a bit of that modern and industrial feel that will set it apart. Consider installing some simple yet beautiful curtain rods constructed out of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. Here is an example of the most common curtain rod design constructed from Kee Klamp Pipe and fittings:

Pipe Curtain Rod

This simple design consisting of just two rail supports, two end cap plugs, and one length of pipe definitely makes a statement in your unique living room design. It also gives you the freedom to cut the piping to the exact length you’ll need to perfectly fit your window. Some people have also used varying methods to create an aged or distressed pipe look to the curtain rod which can even further set it apart.

The curtain rod shown in the above picture is not the only curtain rod in that particular room. In fact, every single window in the room was fitted with unique curtain rods built with Kee Klamp pipe and fittings and it easily made the room one of, if not the most, unique room in the entire house. If you’d like to learn more about this curtain rod project or if you’d like to explore some other curtain rod designs constructed from Kee Klamp pipe and fittings, you can do so by checking our article based solely on Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods.

The Entertainment Center

Did you recently purchase a new television? Is it sitting on an old, wobbly TV stand or entertainment center from the supermarket? Consider constructing a customized and modern entertainment center for your living room out of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. You can use any of our simple table frame kits to create a simple yet elegant stand for your television or you could do something a bit more complex. Take the following project by a Kee Klamp customer, Duncan, for example:

DIY Entertainment Center

Duncan had just recently moved into a new apartment and noticed that his ceilings were quite high. He needed some “bigger than normal shelving units to be the right scale for the higher ceilings.” He was also a big fan of the industrial look. After some researching and planning, he decided to use Kee Klamp pipe and fittings to piece together a custom entertainment center and shelving unit to fit his exact needs. While the television was the centerpiece of Duncan’s project, he was also able to utilize the shelving to add some additional character to the room.

You can, of course, use these shelves for other purposes such as book or DVD storage. If you happen to have a smaller space or lower ceilings than Duncan, you can easily modify this design to include less shelving. If you’d like to take a closer look at Duncan’s project and how it was planned out and constructed, you can do so by checking out an article written by Duncan himself titled “DIY Entertainment Center with Bookshelves”.

The Chairs

Perhaps you need a bit more seating than just a sofa or a couch or something significantly smaller. The good news is that you can even construct chairs out of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. It’s been done many times before to show-off a unique and industrial design in coffee bars, restaurants, and homes. Take the following design for instance:

DIY Industrial Pipe Chair

This particular chair constructed of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings was used in conjunction with a table built of the same material. Wood was used as the seating in this case to compliment the look of the matching table, however, you could most definitely use a soft cushion such as the one used on the sofa or something unique that compliments the rest of your living room.

The possibilities for the size, shape, and design of the chair are just short of endless and can be used to add an industrial and modern feel to your living room. Similar to adding a distressed and weathered look to a curtain rod, the pipe on this chair had been purposefully tarnished to achieve an enhanced industrial look and feel. If you’d like to build a chair like this, you can take a look at this project as well as four other chair projects built with Kee Klamp pipe and fittings here.

The End Table

So, you’ve almost got your living room together, but you’re just missing an end table to two. The good news is that you can also construct an end table out of Kee Klamp pipe and fittings. If you’ve already built a coffee table this way, a matching end table or two can really finish the room and tie it all together! Take the following table for example:

DIY End Table

This table actually came from our article on coffee tables, but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from making some slight modifications and making this your end table. This is also one of the easier projects to construct, so if you’re just testing the DIY waters, this could be a great place to start as this particular design only contains flange fittings and pipe. The additional shelf on the bottom can also be used for storage or displaying more decorative pieces. Adding one or two of these to the side of your sofa would surely bring your living room to life and complete the industrial and modern look.

Tying it All Together

You may be wondering what all of this furniture would look like together. We were wondering the same thing and put together the following image so that you can accurately plan out the layout of your living room. Take a look!

Living Room Rendering

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